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According to the case, the public service culture at that time was extremely rigid creating room for no change. Additionally, the culture allowed the directors of Red Cross to perform duties and make decision without questioning anybody (Stillman, 2009). In this case, Wise argues that the public sector motivates the people more than the public sector because the employees and the people who are a part of the organization are given incentives to perform their duties as compared to the private sector (Stillman, 2009). At the time, the government was considering making some changes so that the Red Cross could offer high quality services. The motive of hiring Bernadine Healy was to make changes in the system removing the old cultures and introducing new cultures to the system. However, Healy acceptance of Red Cross presidency was not in line with the public sector motivations. She was out there to do well.

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According to the case study, several modern professional complexities occur. In this case, many ethical issues are completing the way Healy was conducting her duties at the helm of Red Cross. To begin with, many government organizations are facing corruptions charges due to unethical behaviors (Stillman, 2009). Professionals who always acquire employment in government organizations are often motivated by the fact that they can corrupt the system and become rich. This is unethical because people are stealing public funds. On the other hand, no profession allows people to steal money. In this case, Wise provides contemporary solutions by stating that government system should be transparent and flexible (Stillman, 2009). In this situation, people will not be able to corrupt the system despite the position they hold in the government. Additionally, everything will be visible for the public to see since they are the main contributors of funds in these organizations.

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