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In Chapter 6 “Food heritage. Preserving Cultural Identities” of her book “Reclaiming Our Food”, Tanya Denckla Cobb addresses “regional” and “community resilience” as an important factor of food sustainment. In the chapter foreword, the author stresses how necessary it is, bringing to the reader’s attention the negative issues of the today’s food industry, which a “regional resilience” approach can successfully deal with or negate. These issues include natural disasters, geographic location specifics, rising prices, civil unrest, economic crises, and terrorism to name a few. Cobb suggests an answer to these dilemmas. Her approach is based on building communities for collective food growth projects. These projects are to be self-sustaining taking into consideration the specific needs of the particular region and are heavily reliant on traditional ways of plant growth and cultivation as well as raising cattle. After the brief but to-the-point foreword, the author goes on to present practical examples of her idea based on her research of the ways of the Navajo and Hopi people.

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I agree with the author on most of what she says. Cobb makes a very compelling and convincing case of her idea and point of view. She examines all sides and presents both the positive effects of regional resilience and the challenges and difficulties of building such projects as well as the factors that may hinder their workability today and in the future. The most alarming points of this idea are global warming and slight weather and seasonal changes. They could potentially negate the solutions to many problems, which traditional agricultures of certain areas have gained over hundreds of years and make them no longer applicable. The second problem is the constant intervention of industries. For instance, in one of her examples, Cobb demonstrated how water, which is an invaluable need for farming, may be subject to shortages because of a nearby coal-mining company which needed millions of gallons of water for the transportation of coal slurry. And, with companies growing, we can never predict exactly how far they will reach. The question rises – even if a self-sufficient community could be built, how long would it be able to live before a large company in search of some resource would come and take away one of their vital needs?

Having said this, I believe in Cobb’s ideas. As the author suggests, I think they are vital for our safe and secure future, which does not have to be dependent on world circumstances. Reading this material has made me realize that we need to invest time and research in the area of self-sustainment and survival.

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