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Piascik, P & Brazeau, G.A. (2010).Promoting a culture of Academic Integrity. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

The article deals with the Academic integrity and addresses itself to the problems that it is in the academic world in present day society as well giving possible reasons for its prevalence as well as proposing possible solutions to the menace. The article also examines perspectives on cheating and plagiarism in the academic world today as compared to years back. The role of technology in aiding and abating cheating procedures is also examined in the article. The key goal of the authors , who are pharmaceutical professionals is to highlight the importance  of student pursing  the same field  to actually learning  school , a thing which the article asserts  can only happen in the absence of academic cheating  and by the cultivation of a culture of academic honesty and integrity. The article also recommends a change of negative attitude towards learning by students. There is also a need to foster an atmosphere for critical and creative thought processes (Weiler, 2004). Among the reasons why the article is considered scholarly is because it is reliable, having seasoned scholars as its writers as well as  having sources  from other scholars, and may be useful has suggestions that nay be useful to the whole academic field as well as to pharmacy in specific. The information presented is factual, and the article cites references from reliable sources.

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Rolfe , V. (2011). Can Turnitin be Used to Provide Instant Formative Feedback? British Journal of Educational Technology,Vol. 42(4), 701-710.

In this article, Viviene Rolfe (2011) focuses on the use of Turnitin, a plagiarism detection tool to help student s develop their writing skills including referencing and citation by proving instant feedback to them concerning their work. The main goal of the article is to support the development of students writing who encounter very high academic writing requirements by colleges when they join as to their much lower expectations. The article encourages the use of a self-assessment format of bettering one’s work. The need to apply oneself in conduct and in commitment so as to actually learn instead of cheat is encouraged (Lancaster, Varyold &Timm, 2008).

By the use of actual studies done, the author highlights the need for gaining academic skills among students. The article notes some of the reasons for increased plagiarism and academic dishonesty in institutions of higher learning. It also particularly addresses itself to the challenges of students as they transition into university after joining and the challenge of higher expectations by the universities and how to meet them. The article may be useful to the academic society as a whole and particularly to new college students and their instructors.  It derives its authority as a scholarly from its factual information, drawing for actual academic research conducted. Related literature and cited sources are derived from authentic published and academic sources which are recent and thus timely. The article would therefore be considered as very useful in academic writing and academic integrity and may be firmly considered as a scholarly article.

Craig, P. A, Federici, E.,Buehler, M.A. (2010).Instructing Students in Academic Integrity. Journal of College science Teaching, Vol. 42 (2), 50-55.

As its title suggests the article deals with the need for academic integrity especially in institutions of higher learning, where it suggests that the change needs to start right from a change in perception and attitudes towards academic integrity. The article presents data obtained from a survey to illuminate its intended goals, among which is to highlight the dire need for a change of attitudes and perceptions among college students about the importance of academic integrity.  It aims to provide instructional method to students concerning proper methods and procedures in academic writing as well as to teach student s the need to respect intellectual property. The article cites from authentic and timely sources and like the other two may be very useful for student sin developing their academic writing skills especially college students. Its factual information, reliable citations and sources give it credibility as an academic source. The fact that it cites academic research also adds to it credibility as an academic source.

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