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Free Example of Self Esteem Essay

Self esteem is an individualís opinion about themselves while low esteem is a bad opinion about them. Self esteem depend on a number of things such as ;

  • the worthwhile of the job,
  • does the employee believe that their job is successful
  • how employee see their self image
  • social status
  • how they feel about their strength and weaknesses
  • How they relate with others
  • Weather they are capable to make their own decision and weather they contribute in decision making of the organization.
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Self esteem influences everything than employee in an organization does. Motivation and self esteem are directly related to one another employee cannot be motivated if their self esteem is low and therefore this need to be thoroughly scrutinized because it affects the employee motivation. Self esteem is very important in employee motivation since they go hand in hand and one cannot be enforced lone without the other.

Once the employees self esteem is improved employees are motivated to work hard and they value their work there are six elements in motivation and they include the following.

  • Desire- these is an intense burning desire to get what one want
  • Decision- a conscious decision on what one wants to achieve
  • Focus- knowing what one wants and working towards achieving it
  • Determination ability to keep on repeating something even when the end results are not achieved
  • Discipline- well mannered and observing the set rules and regulations
  • Direction- strict focus on something

In order to achieve any of the above elements of motivation employees must have a good and positive self esteem about what they are doing in the organization, otherwise it will not be possible to motivate the employees.†

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