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Free Example of Stem Cells Essay

Stem cells are largely defined as biological cells found in every multicellular organism. They are considered as the mother cells and have chances to become any kind of cell in the body. The major characteristic of stem cells is the ability to divide, through mitosis and differentiate into different specialized cells and also can self-renew to generate more stem cells. Stem cells, when specialized, can become cells of the skin, blood, bones, heart, brain, muscles and many others.

From the research study, the main sources of stem cells in the body included: bone marrow, from which many cells are produced and circulated in the body, umbilical cord, since blood of new born babies have numerous stem cells and some the blood is left in the placenta, periphery blood and adipose tissues. Stem cells, in mammals, are broadly categorized into two: embryonic stem cells (which are separated from blastocysts), and adult stem cells found adult tissues that are regenerative.

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It was observed that some of the stem cells , for instance pluripotent stem cells have great capacity to divide over long periods of time while maintaining their potential to make different types of cells in the organism. From the research findings, it is possible to obtain stem cells in the blood and utilize its potentials. Also, another important fining is that stem cells can be artificially produced and differentiated into specialized cell types which have characteristics consistent with cells of various tissues such as nerves or muscle through cell culture

Stem cells are utilized in medical therapies for instance, in bone marrow transformation. Others are used in the treatment of various diseases; though they are not widely used since it is more experimental and therefore not cost effective.

Generally, the research study shows the great potential of future use of stem cells in various medical fields, therefore, becoming the basis of diagnosing and treating many diseases including cancer, diabetes, cerebral palsy, heart failure and other chronic ailments.

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