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Before I decided to attend stern, I had to learn about it and I did this through the internet and visiting some of the institutions that had the stern communities in New York. For more and clearer information, I contacted some of the students and lecturers in those institutions who were able to answer some of the questions I had about stern. I learnt most things that were bothering me and through the interaction with those students and lecturers; I realized that I needed not to miss stern that seemed so exciting and beneficial to me. I had a good experience especially through the interactions that I had with the other people. The extra curricular activities were very interesting and we had them on daily basis in the evening after the academic sessions.

Some of the very exciting sessions that we had were the interactive sessions that we held each morning. Through these sessions, I was able to learn a lot about some of the business opportunities in New York. I also had my answered and I could obtained clear information that I required for business purposes. I contributed greatly to stern through community trainings and the visits to the children’s homes. That enabled me to improve my professional skills (Gal). Stern also motivated me to move on with some of the dreams and visions I had for my community. Being passionate on the less privileged in the community, I visited some of the children’s home in the city and we had fun with them by participating in their sporting activities. This acted as a way of encouraging them; there were people who still cared about them and their well-being.

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I had past involvement in women businesses and through stern, my vision for such was revived. I conducted trainings about stern businesses since I had some experience in such and I had been a leader in some of these groups/ businesses. Through these trainings, my training and business skills that I had earlier gained as a student were improved and I promised myself that I would continue conducting more trainings for my stern community and this would be a way of boosting some of the major projects that we had as a community. These trainings also benefited the business people who mainly lacked the business skills (Gal). They would also assist me in such that I will venture into better business areas as I conducted my trainings in various parts of the country. This would assist me greatly in improving my professional skills as well.

We had time to buy some necessities for the less fortunate children and to interact with them closely. This motivated me to start my own club that visited the less fortunate, and to meet some of their basic needs. Stern community was therefore very beneficial to me and that is the reason why I could not miss that opportunity. Through stern community, I have been able to meet the needs of my clients in business as well as the needs of the less fortunate in society.

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