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This film was released in the year 2011 in France. It is a very romantic film which has some comic effects. It has the style of black and white silent film. The film was directed and written by Michel Hazanavicious. The stars in the film are Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo. It is set in the Hollywood just between the period of 1927 and 1932. The plot of the movie is the relationship between a young actress and an old movie star. It has received strongly positive reviews especially from critics and some other accolades. It won the best actor award during the 2011 Cannes film festival.

The film was nominated for six Golden Globes. It also won the best motion picture, musical comedy, best actor, and best original score. It went ahead to be nominated for the twelve BAFTAs in January 2012. It was also nominated for ten academy awards and went further to win five including the best director, best actor and best picture. Indeed it is the first French film to win the best actor category. It was nominated for ten Cesar Awards winning six with honors best director, best actress and best film. Indeed, this is the most awarded film in the history of France.

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The Artist is a very loving and playful homage to the pre sound cinema where it creates a very silent film in nature. It opens with an audience watching a film called A Russian Affair, where Gorge is the hero and role model to the wider society. His dialogue features as the intertitles where it states “I won’t talk I won’t say a word”. George reappears from behind the scenes to address the crowd. This film within the film is also silent just as The Artist film is equally silent. The orchestral music is heard, but none of the characters are talking nor speaking to each other. The music is right from the actual orchestral music played on the screen. After the end of the Russian Affair, the audience burst into an applause which brings us to the sense that we are actually watching silent film of the 21st century.

It does not contain the ancient magical reverence of the early cinemas but pays a lot of tribute to the past yet trying much to remain modern. It is shot in the old 4:3 ratio in black and white. Instead of mimicking the 1920s cinema, it is otherwise very contemporary. It contains much of the camera movement and edits right from the era of the advent of films. It also goes deep into the field and close ups mostly than was initially seen in most films. The actors are very expressive basically in their facial expressions. They do not use the usual gestures of the arm as it had been the case in the earlier films in the same category. This would be a very bad situation as the film would be purporting to be very faithful reconstruction yet it is not the same. The scenes in the film are very fictitious in nature. The stylistic devices are not properly followed to the uttermost in the film.

The Artist has both the fond look at the unique beauty of an earlier cinema, while at the same time embracing the advancements in the technology. Sound that appears in the beginning of the film simply threatens George. This film presents a narrative that suggests both nostalgia and progressive theme. The film not only dwells in the downward spiral, but also discusses the rise and success of Peppy Miller, otherwise known as Berenice Bejo. He benefits from the transition to sound. This film actively utilizes the advancement and development of the new technology of the 3D in the cinema industry. Metaphorically, the two meet at the staircase, while one is ascending to upper floors and the other is descending to the lower floors. This shows how their lives would eventually take shape.

This film expresses the ultimate love of cinema in all its guises. They help each other when the need arises most in their lives. This suggests a harmony between several eras and styles. It contains an assortment of classic films punctuated by some clear reverences in the actual scenes in the film. Later in the film, George brings out some fain echoes to the revelation of the Grant’s characters in an affair to remember. The music from Vertigo brings an emotional end to the film. The several shots of the reflected mirrors could act as a tip for the director of the film.

In most of the interviews, Hazanavicious has some influences and surprisingly most of them like Fritz Lang, John Ford, Ernst Lubitsch and Alfred Hitchcock successfully used during the sound and silent era. This film undermines the great myth of the demise of the silent stars. This is vivid in the way the film presents the merits that sound would bring down the memory lane. The end result may be easy to dismiss it as a novelty. This would, however, give credit to the skillful nature of the director that has woven a number of cinematic styles from several eras in the development of a silent film that is very much acceptable to the contemporary audience. This film has a lot of passion and craftsmanship that is very outstanding in this century. In a nut shell, this film is indeed the most outstanding in the history of the development of silent films since time immemorial.

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