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Free Example of The Beatles Essay

The Beatles is a series of songs that were written and directed by top three world renowned song writers. These were John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. They together wrote the songs that brought a lot of change and transformations to the lifestyle and cultures of the Indians. These songs clearly brought in the culture of the west to the Indian inhabitants. It nearly eroded down the culture of the Indians at the expense of the western cultures in one way or the other.

The White Album

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This piece of work is indeed a political song in some very vivid ways.  It reveals the popping seams of a band that has the pressure of an entire fissuring generational and political gap in the world. It brings out the underlying tensions lying between Paul, John, Ringo and George. This gives the end of the honeymoon to the generation of love in the universe. This song still shows a lot of resistance to the reflexive colonization.

While my Guitar Gently Weeps

This song creates the fight between the upper class and the middle and lower class individuals in the society. George is busy lashing out against the upper class. At the same time, Ringo is seriously trying to move away from his band that he considers the Gurus. This shows the great animosity that exists between the poor and the elite in the society and this then draws the political tension between the leaders and the ordinary citizens in most of the countries.

Yellow Submarine

The writer of this song brings the issue of team building to the immediate community as they worked together to produce some quality pieces of work in the song industry. Their literary styles eloped from one composer to the next with a lot of ease which somebody would not imagine could come from different composers with different ideas and opinions. The songs tonal variations and captivity harmonized very well to the bewilderment of the listener.

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