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“The Colbert Report Show” on Comedy Central is a satiric, kind of conservative, host-centered talk shows that are highly rated in the United States. Unlike many other such shows, this one is quite unique in the sense that it centers on the boastful, flaunting, under-informed, vociferously ideological, and hugely pretentious persona of Stephen Colbert. The host of the self titled show exposes the personality of a noisy right-wing populist. His most popular phrases are frequently implausible claims about the world and the impacts his personally made on it.

Nothing epitomizes this in any other better way than the notion of “truthiness”. This was a concept he first introduced in 2005. He described this notion as what a person perceives to be true without regard to attached facts and logical argument. He used this concept to lampoon the rationalization that the political class, especially those in the Bush administration, employed for their policy agenda. Even though it has been mentioned in certain quarters that Colbert was not actually the one who coined the word, one thing that remains for sure is the fact that he single handedly popularized it. Because of him the word truthiness has become a popular idiom with many Americans who apply it in conversations to capture arguments, viewpoints, or world perceptions (Grossman ).

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One example where Colbert has used the word truthiness, which is quite popular with the American population, was a claim he made in his show advocating s for “the Colbert bump”. This is the obviously repeated increase in popularity enjoyed by any individual who appears on his show. Among those who have benefited from the bump is Toby Keith whose album topped charts after appearing on “The Colbert Report”. “The Colbert Bump” is majorly associated with politicians. The perception that politicians seem to gain politically as a result of being part of the Colbert Report is to some extent true as it is argued by most Americans. This is simply because of the fact that it will take only a brave person to be a part of the show.

A politician has to be daring and fearless in order to stand up to live television grilling by the host  who always seems to be attempting to ask queries that are obviously designed to endear an individual to his voters or rather constituents. Other researchers, who advise politicians, have urged them to stay away from the show to reconsider their stands. This is because most American democrats regard “the Colbert bump”   very truthful. Studies carried out by various media houses have demonstrated that most democrats who have been courageous enough to appear on the show have reported a high increase in campaign funding. One important fact worth noting is that “The Colbert Report” has promoted and illustrated that the extent to which the media continues to gain increasing freedom is significant. Still it is also essential to understand that a free media does not guarantee that the people will certainly be well informed.   

Michelle Obama at “The Colbert Report”

Michelle LaVaugh Robinson Obama is the spouse to the current president of the United States of America. Therefore, this makes her the current first lady of the United States and, also, the first black first lady. She was brought up in Chicago and attended both Princeton and Harvard Law School (Bose).

After reports had been rife that the first lady was going to be part of “The Colbert Report” once again, she finally made her appearance and dedicated it to the first anniversary of her participation in the forces initiative aimed at paying tribute to American troops as well as their close relatives. She did this specifically by trying to find job opportunities for some of the veterans who were coming back home from war. She acknowledged the fact that she had been pleased with the positive response they were receiving for this particular initiative started with the vice president’s wife Jill Biden (Obama).

According to her, they had seen different individuals and groups coming to offer opportunities to veterans and providing great open opportunities for their wives too  (Bruce). The employers were aware of the fact that these opportunities were primary factors affecting these families’ harmonious living. It has been widely reported in the United States that “unemployment for returning veterans is way above national average”. However, the first lady noted that there were enough reasons to believe that this trend was decreasing (Geiger).

Colbert in his humorous character amid loud laughter suggested that “hiring a veterinary doctor, who will have stories to tell, will really make the interoffice complaining sound trivial”.  He went ahead to mention that this will be positive with regards to workplace morale since it would be difficult to be “a whiner around a veteran”, a point that the first lady seemed really to concur with. The funny host went on with his hilarious jokes to claim that he was engaging in training a marine to handle pundit’s tasks, informing his student that he was skilled and proficient enough to handle anything, no matter what the subject was (Baker). During the interview Colbert did not avoid discussing politics in his comical style. He continued to address a question right at the first lady demanding her opinion on who was likely to win between the “funny man and Nickelodeon’s iCarly” (Grier).

Michelle admitted the fact that she found the question quite tough and she was definitely not certain who would be the eventual winner. However, her preference was iCarly since she was only sixteen and quite serious. Undoubtedly, this was the focal point of the show as it is always quite popular with both the audience and the viewers (Zakarin).

With the American people about to go to the polls and Barrack Obama preparing to seek re-election, the first lady hilariously offered her official endorsement of her husband during the show. Who is more popular between the president and the first lady is a question that many people would be interested in finding an answer to. Many people would probably take Michelle’s endorsement for granted, but has anyone taken a moment to think of what Barrack Obama’s campaign would be like without her wife’s endorsement. A total failure would be the answer. Michelle’s response regarding to Colbert’s question whether she has ever threatened not to campaign for the President is one that many would probably just smile at. Every couple argues once in a while, and the first family is no exception. Whether such a threat may have ever popped up is something people would just wonder about.             

In another recent episode of his show Stephen Colbert presented his personal view about food. One thing that most of his viewers came to admit was the fact that he truly understands how to address the issues regarding Starbucks’ “use of bug-base dye in its strawberry” (Bose). Advising his audience and viewers how to keep bugs out of their food, he suggested that they ought to do exactly what he does i.e. “spray everything they eat with a thick coat of deep woods off”. Acknowledging the fact that the food would possibly burn, he suggested that this was the only way an individual would be sure that this solution approach really works (Colbert).

Lately, a number of communities have complained about the threat Starbucks Frappuccinos pose to their health. However, some independent thinkers would question both these groups and Stephen Colbert’s interest in consuming what they believe is detrimental to their health. You simply avoid something if you do not like it instead of causing a fuss about what does not concern you. The surprise revelation that insect juice is one of the components of this cuisine is uproarious to non consumers, and, on the other hand, possibly upsetting to the consumers, depending on what one is comfortable or uncomfortable with. The fact that your Frappuccino contain this bug juice is no longer debatable. This bug juice is an extract that is familiar in the food industry. The whole idea of using this bug extract is to encourage the retreat from artificial ingredients.

For the entomologists this idea is not surprising at all. The usage of cochineal insects from which this chemical is extracted first came known to the public domain three years ago. This is the time most people were made aware of the shocking news regarding the possibility of having food and lipstick that contain this bug. For some people the whole idea of the use of this insect extract is simply unacceptable. This bug is extracted by squeezing an insect that spends most of its life “sucking the juice of prickly pear cacti”. One startling feature about the extract’s color is that it has the ability to remain remarkably stable for a long period of time.

The most interesting part about this entire debate regarding this bug is that its alternative is majorly Red 40. This is a substance that is manufactured from coal tar. Actually, this was back before. Currently it is amusing and frightening at the same time to be informed that it is now often manufactured from petroleum. So, it is an individual’s right to choose what is worse, and decide whether he or she will understand Starbucks’ decision to use this insect extract.  

On the part of the “Pizza Hut UK’s hot dog stuffed crust pizza” Stephen Colbert regarded to be very amusing and recommended his audience and viewers to try it out. Actually, it is hard to believe that this hotdog stuffed crust pizza is actually not an American product. How this is possible is just mind-blogging. Do you think America is the home of all junk food? Obviously pizza was not invented in the United States, but you can be certain that pizza hut is an American product, tasty but sickening. Today America is described as a fat nation for reasons all Americans are fully aware of and the glands have nothing to do with this.      

According to most blogs, in its original country of England, currently it is the best food you can lay your hands on.  To have just one piece of the hot dog stuffed crust pizza is just unacceptable to many people both in England and the United States. In his natural hilarious character Stephen Colbert seemed actually to have no major issues with the pharmaceuticals in chicken. In fact, he appeared to be enthusiastic about the fact that his chicken contained a reasonable quantity of Prozac.  

The two episodes of The Colbert Report discussed above were both successful in equal measure as they were perceived to be advocating for two different courses are quite instrumental in various ways. As earlier mentioned, the Michelle Obama’s episode was used to mark the first anniversary of her participation in the forces initiative aimed at paying tribute to American troops as well as their close relatives. By her participating in the Colbert Report, her initiative meant to find jobs for some of the veterans who were coming back home from war definitely received a Colbert Bump. The host’s and guest’s mode of communication and language during the program were quite simple and understandable, that even the non-native speakers could possibly benefit from the show. The second episode created awareness to the public regarding some of the foods they were eating without really knowing their contents. From the look of the audiences’ reaction, the shows were undoubtedly not only informative, but also absolutely interesting.      

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