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Blomberg’s book, “Jesus and the Gospels”, offers a critical analysis of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Blomberg sought to apply academic views to interpret the content of the Gospels. Using various areas of study, such as history, politics, economics, sociology, and literature, Blomberg contextualized the message embedded in these books. In Chapter 1, Blomberg analyzed the Gospels using fundamental theories and concepts in politics, religion, and socioeconomics. In doing so, Blomberg has provided an avenue for readers to truly understand the Gospels by tracing history accurately. The political conflict in Israel among the Jews and the prevalent socioeconomic conditions, for instance, reflected the motivations of leaders and statesmen during that time, which consequently explains the events that occurred in the Gospels.

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Aside from the political, religious, and socioeconomic study of the Gospels, Blomberg also analyzed the books using historical evidences and applying literary analysis. Blomberg helps readers view the Gospels from a critical eye by presenting different interpretations of the Gospels by scholars and researchers, comparing them, and using historical evidences and literary devices to affirm or contradict these interpretations. Although Blomberg stands by his own views and perspectives supported by independent research, the discussion of different interpretations helps readers form their own interpretations or support what interpretations they believe is true.

In Chapter 3, Blomberg introduces each of the Gospels. Using an organized structure, Blomberg provides a background of the books in such a way that readers would be able to identify the similarities and differences among them, especially during similar or overlapping events in the Gospels. Blomberg also proves that the Gospels and the Holy Bible in general could be interpreted in many ways, depending on the context and background, by introducing different approaches to interpreting them. Nevertheless, Blomberg asserts that kingdom theology is the best, less biased approach to studying the Gospels.

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