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Emotional responses, such as distress, fear, jealousy, anger, excitement, delight, joy, elation, and affection need to be held within bounds. If these emotions are allowed to go out of bounds, they create a psychological climate where the person goes out of control. Removing certain stimuli helps enhance feelings of security in children, which lessen their anxiety. Wise parents know that outbursts of these emotions become specifically directed at persons, who are obstructing them. Providing a good psychological climate can hold these emotions to a minimum. 

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“The Hide and Seek” movie psychology tells us that emotional attributes can be controlled only by love. Wise parents should aim at helping their children to release emotions through proper enjoyment. Loss of the mother was a reason why Emily became a distressed child. Every instance in the movie depicts the mental illness of Emily. David Callaway thought Emily may adapt to the new environment for a fresh start if they would move to the summer community of Woodland, New York. But Emily’s anxiety, confusion, disappointment, conflict and frustration had given way to defensive reactions. Her behavior can be best explained as going to situations that involved no solutions. In an unconscious desire to get away, at least temporarily, Emily took on the characteristics that she desired, in the form of Charlie. She mentally equated her-self with Charlie and played the roles that she wanted to play, such as killing the family’s pet cat and crayoning threatening words on the walls. The feeling that her father was getting closer to Elizabeth was unacceptable to her, and she reacted to this feeling by disfiguring Amy’s doll. She also tried to scare away Elizabeth by telling how her mother committed suicide.    David’s waking up at 2:06 AM may be explained as his mental reaction to the disaster of losing his wife at 2:06 AM. “Hide and Seek” may be better explained as “identification”, which is one of the “Defensive Behaviors” in psychology (N.A).

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