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Free Example of The Hunger Games Series Essay

The Hunger Games a juvenile adventure series created by Suzanne Collins. This is a trilogy, which consists of The Hunger Game, Mockingjay ant Catching Fire. The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were recognized as the New York Times bestsellers. Mockingjay reached the top of the United States bestsellers list immediately after its release. All the three books of the trilogy consist of nine chapters.
Symbolism is a significant aspect of the in The Hunger Games, which has made the book entertaining and captivating. The most symbolical character in The Hunger Games series is President Snow.  Throughout the series, he is seen as the chief villain, although he is always associated with purity. Collins mixes the villain character of Snow with the symbols of purity in order to create defamiliarisation. Even his surname, Snow, is taken into consideration, as snow is usually associated with purity.  Katniss is the protagonist in the series, who is somehow connected to the symbol of fire. The fire is often associated with evil, but it also has a function of cleansing. The symbol of white is also present in The Hunger Games series. White presents a clear connection to the man’s name. White is a lack of color or substance, which is mostly associated with purity. In the series, white is associated with a man without emotions; it is something that cannot be expressed by the color. “The colors are lovely, of course, but nothing says perfection like white.”
The symbols of roses are also present in the series. Snow was holding them in his hand in order to cover up the smell of blood sores in his mouth. Snow is also using the roses in a traditional way, bringing an element of beauty. However, he is covering up on something. Although Snow is able to cover the blood in his mouth, Katniss smells the blood sores and finds out that Snow has blood in his hand. The symbol of blood on snow brings out the concept of corruption concerning President Snow. In the series, the blood is death, and, therefore, the death is in Snows’ mouth. “The smell of roses and blood has grown stronger now that only a desk separates us. There is a rose in president snow’s lapel, which at least suggests a source of the flower perfume, but it must be genetically enhanced, because no real rose reeks like that. As for the blood…I do not know.”
The strong characters of The Hunger Games make the series very specific by the way they act in the story. Katniss, a girl from District 12, plays a crucial role in The Hunger Games. In attempts to survive, Katniss hunts to provide for her family after her father dies in a mine explosion. The girl was left with her mother and a little sister Primrose. Katniss is very determined, and, therefore, she wins the game. This is what she has promised her little sister. Katniss is one the main characters in The Hunger Games. Peeta Mellark is another main character of the series. He presents a strong personality in The Hunger Games. He is loyal, brave and highly determined concerning everything he does as well as concerning Katinss. Peeta has been in love with Katniss for a long time since he was five years old, but Katniss has to fake love for in order to make them both stay alive.
Another strong personality in The Hunger Games is Rue from District 11. She is small and meek, a many people can admit that she would not survive nor last long in the 74th hunger games. Rue, on the other hand, has knowledge of plants, trees and hiding that keeps her alive for longer than expected. She can leap from tree to tree in a remarkable way as if she has wings. Rue warns Katniss about an approaching danger in the name of a tracker Jacker Hive. However, they become friends later. At the end, Rue is murdered by the District 1 Boy tribute.
Suspense is abundantly used The Hunger Games series. It helps to retain the reader and given him an urge to continue reading it to the end. In order to realize the main idea of the series, many questions have to be asked and kept in mind. These questions are the following. Will Katniss win the game? Will Katniss survive or give up her own life for her friends or other tribute? Will the careers kill Katniss? When Peeta will find out the truth about Katniss’ love for him? Will Peeta forgive her, or what step will he take? Will Katniss choose Peeta or Gale? What will happen with Katniss and Gale? Will Johanna and Katniss become friends? Will Pieeta’s love be mutual? 

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