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Free Example of The Matrix Essay

‘Matrix’ is a fascinating movie which not only is exceptionally well entrenched with visual effects for the highly enlightened and critical audiences of the present generation, but also woven into an intricate story interspersed with theological overtones to catch the attention of the intellectually oriented. The timing of the movie release is most appropriate, as the present generation has been exposed to all kinds of movies covering comedy, action, thriller, mythology, mystery, horror and other genres. ‘Matrix’ provides a diversion from all these formats although it does use some elements of each to maintain the requirement of acceptance by all ages and types of audiences. The movie is eye-catching from the moment it starts and keeps the audience spell bound throughout its course. The first time experience of watching the movie is exceptionally thrilling though it never fails to excite the senses even on subsequent views.

Computer programming as a profession and hacking as its corollary has caught on only after the recent developments in information technology and therefore serves an appropriate background to titillate the audiences of the new generation. The character of Thomas Anderson (Neo), played by Keanu Reeves is the one each young person of today can easily identify with. Everyone secretly aspires to gain public attention, success and glory and watching Anderson trying to save the world from the ‘machines’ immediately allows the viewer to accept him as the savior. The role of a woman has to be incorporated into every aspect dealing with humanity and Carrie-Ann Moss (Trinity) plays this prominent role exceptionally well. Her cool demeanor and rock solid countenance add to the character she depicts. Lawrence Fishburne (Morpheus) plays the quintessential role of the mentor and the guide with a brilliant and highly emotive performance. Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) has done exceptionally well in playing the evil human face of the artificial intelligence created character sent to defeat the efforts of the real human beings from freeing themselves from the entrapment by the machines. Special computer animations for the fight sequences which have been made in the visually attractive format of the Eastern martial arts add to the glamour of the movie.

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The Christian overtones in the movie are evident as ‘Neo’ has been portrayed as ‘the chosen one’ who has special powers to defeat the ‘Matrix’ or the false perception of the world which has been created by the machines by enslaving majority of the human population. Just like Jesus, he must liberate the humanity from the clutches of the evil forces which have dominated the present era. Jesus Christ appeared at a juncture in history when God sent his own son to spread his message across a world over-ridden by evil forces where humanity suffered at the hands of tyrants. Morpheus acts as the facilitating superior who is aware of the special powers with which Neo is endowed. He is akin to the Greek God of Dreams as his name in the movie suggests. He plays the role of an enlightened individual with the singular duty of awakening the people as well as Neo (The One) to the realities of the evil forces of the machines. Trinity can be compared to the Holy Spirit which is necessary for communication of the message from God to the savior depicted by Neo in the movie. Cipher is akin to coding in the movie, which has been shown all along as being necessary to decode in order to break the ‘Matrix’.

Overall, the movie is a fascinating experience which stimulates the mind as well as the senses of its audience. 

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