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In the movie “The Mission”, Jeremy Iron appears as father Gabriel, a Priest who enters the South American rainforest with an intention of building a Christian mission. His, major challenging, task was the conversion of a small tribe which came from the native Amazonian Indians.  Father Gabriel eventually succeeds in befriending the natives. He also learns the Indian’s culture and language. This made them to gain trust on him, and he was able to teach them his faith.

The Spanish army officer, Rodrico Mendoza, who had turned to slavery, had one of the thriving American, businesses. Mendoza is caught up in a tragedy, where he is in love with a lady who only had eyes on his younger brother. When this lady confesses this to Mendoza, he is very jealous, and he this made him to murder his own brother.

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After killing his brother, he was very remorseful, and Father Gabriel came into his salvage. His guidance made Mendoza join him in his mission. Mendoza finds peace in this mission and even decides to become a priest. Later, Spain sells the colony to Portugal. Mendoza and Farther Gabriel are forced to defend all they have built against the Portuguese aggressors.

In the series, Neither Victims Nor Executioners, Albert Camus discusses about brutality and murder and the impact, these have on those who perpetrate, suffer or observe. Camus was against the war and the sanctioned murder of human beings. In comparing the two, we see an argument that although it is not quite realistic to prevent or stop all wars, it is very important for every individual to overcome the fear that makes them root on one side or the other.  

Both of them presents real-life scenario. We see people killing each other because of jealousy which is true in real-life situation. Both of them criticize the modern world and the things that are happening. Camus says that anything, which we expect, the future to have will come from our own struggle. This is the case on the Movie the Mission, where the Father Gabriel and Mendoza struggles to protect the Indians from being attacked by the Portuguese who had taken over to be the colony from the Spanish.

Camus also coincidentally states that brothers are killing each others in order to achieve their interests. This is clearly seen when Mendoza kills his own brother because the lady who Mendoza wanted to woe had eyes on his brother. This was an act of jealousy. Camus is also alarmed by the continued war during that period and says that people should try to avoid bloodshed. Like Father Gabriel, Camus is against murder. He also alludes into colonization when he says that people are being told to love or to hate some given countries. This is the case in the movie because; the Portuguese wants to attack the Indians because they are not from the same country.

Camus says that the consequences of our actions bring fear, silence and spiritual Isolation. This is the case of Mendoza when he kills his brother. He is filled with fear and had to be consoled by Father Gabriel. He also says that, we must reject slavery, injustices, and lies which in the “Mission” they are all brought out by how the colonial government was treating peoples like slaves. He also says that, in this world of sinners, every person should accept his mistakes like Mendoza deed.  

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