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The movie ”Blindside” has inspired  and astonished me in many ways. This is one of the rare movies that just change your worldview forever. It changes how you think of people and what you believe in, because the movie is based on the real life story.

Watching the movie I realized that in many cases the person will turn out to be exactly who you make them believe they are. I never expected much of Michal Oher and no one ever made an effort to help the boy become someone better. Every person needs support and someone to believe in them, no matter who they are and what they do. Another remarkable insight that I got from this movie is that with love and care you can change the person and motivate them. And if you have enough faith in them, they can even reach heights that they never thought they could.

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Most of all I was impressed with Michael’s strength and faith in people despite all the challenges that life has thrown onto him. The drug addiction of his mother, whom he never stopped loving and caring about, all the foster families he had to change, and the fact that people have never given him a time of a day, as they simply thought he was a basket case. All of these factors could make him turn to a bitter or angry person; he could have joined the gang, but Michel preferred to stay good person and decent human being.

To conclude, I would like to say that movies like this, based on the real life events, are more important than most people would think. It will inspire kids like Michael, to fight for their future and to keep going no matter what, as well as  adults who have lost their faith in humanity and spend most their time in self-pity for no good reason.

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