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In my current essay, I will give an analysis of the well-known movie – “The Notebook”. This film was directed by Nick Cassavetes in 2004. The plot of this cinematographic work is based on the Nicholas Sparks’ novel “The Notebook”. The starring are Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Gena Rowlands and James Garner. It is became the custom that screen versions of extremely popular nowadays Nicholas Sparks’ novels always turn into the best romantic movies. I also consider him as one of the best love stories writers of current time, his every book is a best-seller, and every screen adaptation is one more great present to romantic people, who wants to see at least on the screen the perfect love story, which may never happen in their own lives. Unfortunately, but it is true; you must be one in a million to experience that outstanding kind of love, which is described in the book and in the movie. I am completely honest when I am saying that this film probably the purest example of what we call “romantic movie”, I believe it is almost impossible to make it better and sweeter, it is a perfect chocolate cake, if you would except such a metaphor, which you want to try with your beloved in huge portions, the cake is sugar overdosed as well as this movie is simply saturated with romance. So I would not recommend it in huge portions, you should “taste” this film sometimes, when you really need to feel the sweetness of feelings.

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I want to tell a little bit about the plot of this work. The story of two young people is brilliantly intertwined with two old ones.  An old man reads from his notebook the story of young Noah and Allie. He wants to make interest in this story an old lady in a nursing home, later we understand that these two elderly people are in fact Allie and Noah. His beloved suffered from dementia and amnesia, and she does not recognize his husband, so he tries to bring back her memory by reading the story of their love from the notebook. He is staying next to her in that nursing house, despite the fact he is healthy, and Noah wants to be closer to Allie by any price. She recognizes him sometimes, but when her illness overcomes he is absolutely destroyed, because he cannot help her.  It is only a part of the story, the main story line describes their youth, how they met, fell in love, how many difficulties they were going through. By the way, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams brilliantly got the feel of their roles, they portrayed two crazy young people, who can love and hurt without edges, they are like two powers, which met each other, they could destroy everything, but on the contrary they built a wonderful couple of people whose love is endless. At the end of the story we found out that the notebook with the story of their love was written by Allie herself, she added the instruction “read this story to me, and I will come back to you” that is really touching moment. The story finishes when Allie again becomes lucid she asks Noah about their children, about the past, but she cannot handle those emotions and she again losing her memory. Here comes the most touching ending of the story, after her illness attack Allie was in her room and Noah came to her, she recognized him again and asked him whether their love as much strong as they can leave this world together, and Noah replied that their love can do anything. In the morning the nurse found them both dead embracing each other. There could not be more beautiful and given to crying ending of this story.

Making a review of this movie I understood that I cannot definitely estimate this film, yes it is a great dramatic film, a love story, which has millions of fans all over the world, but I can say that this film belongs to one category – one of the best romantic movies ever, but we cannot compare this work with the other great films, such as “the Shawshank Redemption” or “Schindler’s list”, but in its specific category of romantic movies it is really great work. It has vivid characters; they are fully-developed and very true to life. The story line is also very natural as you watch the story of your neighbors or friends, but the way the take care of their relationship is so unbelievably touching, I guess not every man can hold back a tear in the end of the movie. There are lots of good melodramas, but this film will be always on the first positions, because of great actors, realistic story line and real passion and emotions.

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