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What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in life so far? What obstacles did you overcome to achieve this accomplishment?

My biggest achievement in life was working as a research assistant at Eastern Mediterranean University at Cypress. My specialization was food manufacturing, which deals with the transformation of agricultural and livestock products into consumable finished goods. Raw materials mostly from plants or animals are processed, finally becoming consumable food products. As an assistant, a lot of hard work in research was done in order to develop new ideas into the market.

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Diligence and dedication brought me to the point of publishing my own article on “Virtual Reality-Based Holonic Manufacturing System Requirements Analysis”. This article deals with Holonic systems on the basis of virtual reality. It gives a methodology while assessing the requirements of Holonic Manufacturing Systems operating in Virtual Reality. This is developed to assist the designer of the system in every stage of progress. It is this project that aims in the provision of high level HMS control. The exploitation of Virtual Reality will help users assemble information that is valid at a faster rate and have precision.

This article posed a great challenge because of the choice subject of research. Conducting research on areas like virtual reality and Holonic systems was quite difficult due to little information is found in secondary sources. Understanding virtual reality and summing enough data for presentation was not easy. Holonic systems are an advanced aspect in the field of science thus dealing with these areas demanded conclusive research.

Another obstacle was creating a suitable and  original article that is relevant. After acquiring information about Holonic Manufacturing Systems and Virtual Reality, I had to simplify this data into comprehensive facts that are consumer friendly for the success of the article in the market.

Another obstacle was acquiring the equipment needed to test the workability of the project. I had to see that the work I was doing in the field was pragmatic. The relevant equipment that was to carry out the processes involved in virtual reality and Holonic systems are too expensive. I had to conduct this research from other institutions of better scientific development.

After developing my article came the problem of outcome. All proposals, projects and articles have to go through a process of assessments before qualifying. It is at this stage that the ideas put across are declined or accepted, this is where I was extremely worried of its success. After the article qualified, I realized that it had adequate data and was relevant to the field of food management. The panel that scrutinized the research done in my paper could not find any faults with my work. This worked positively in confidence building as I knew that it was true hard work that brought the results.

Describe what an "underserved population" means to you. What are ways that a pharmacist can serve and impact underserved patient populations?

An undeserved population is the patients who have medical challenges. An underserved population can also be a group of people in geographical isolation mostly underserved with medical provision.  A good portion of the population suffers from this situation. This medical disadvantage makes it terribly hard for them to conduct normal activities; they need specific doctors who are trained for them. In such a lowly served population, the number of doctors per Capita is exceedingly few. Many urban places have a willing number of doctors who purpose to serve this group of people. Not only does this encompass the health of a person but also the finances of the individual. An underserved population is one that receives income which is below the poverty line. Accessing quality services for them is exceedingly difficult unless proper intervention is carried out. Majority of these individuals are needed, and as a future pharmacist they are influential in my field. Through this, they are able to sustain a warm environment for prosperity.

Pharmacists have a duty to help in establishing a conducive environment for the underserved. Establishing health initiatives is a tremendously powerful way to address this issue. A large number of this underserved population is affected by chronic infections so community initiatives addressing these are vital. For instance, in Lake County in America, eight per cent of them are fighting diabetes, so the community developed a diabetes initiative which serves to improve and preserve human life., I must say that this has changed the way a number of perceptions as many now face their problems and are open to aid. It is through such a move that brotherhood conquers segregation and stereotyping.

Another way for the pharmacist to impact on the underserved patients is by helping in paying for their medication. There is the need for financial aid in the prescription of these exorbitant drugs, in order to encourage medication thus supporting their lives. Chronic ailments like hypertension need a consistent dosage for better results. This step has already been taken by the North Shore University which filled sixteen thousand prescriptions for Evanston Hospital in 2009. The patient’s positive response shot up by forty per cent from that year, clearly indicating that the underserved population needs aid from the society.

Surprisingly, the medically challenged make up most of the underserved population but the poor form part of it too. Pharmacists could ensure that cases of outbreaks are addressed procedurally. The rural areas suffer attacks by epidemics and because of lack of expertise they develop many death cases and fatalities. As a future dedicated pharmacist, I champion the establishment of multiple rural medical stations especially in other developing nations. An example of India, a certain group known as the ‘Untouchables’ lives in exceptionally poor conditions. Overpopulated, they are frequently victims of epidemics; organizations should channel funds to set up centers to curb this ill. A population that is fully catered for in terms of health provision is productive to the economy, which is envied.

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