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Job analysis refers to the process of recording and describing certain aspects of a job and other requirements and skills specifications that are necessary for the performance of that job (Paynes, 2009). This review is pertinent in the hiring of competent and best employee quality into the organization. More specifically, the coca cola company uses this analysis to documenting job requirements and other performed work (Mathis, 2007).  Task and job analysis conducted by the coca cola company forms the basis for future improvements, including job description, performance appraisal development, assessment of training needs, job domain definition, criteria of promoting employees, plans of compensation in case of any accidents and systems of selecting employees.

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The human resource department of the coca cola company often uses job analysis to gather information used in compensation, training, selection, and personnel classification (Perit, 2009). The analysis aides in the identification and development of duties to be included in vacant positions advertisements, salary determination to be offered to the candidate making reference to the most appropriate salary level, applicant screening based on minimum requirements (Ivancerish, 2009). The afore mentioned use of job analysis has enabled coca cola maintain top-notch employees in its diverse chain of operations which has significantly increased the company’s brand loyalty from its customers.

Similarly, the conduct of comprehensive and thorough interviews plays a crucial role in the acquisition of the best professionals who tremendously drive the company towards the achievement and accomplishment of its goals and objectives (Marchinton, 2005). Moreover, job analysis enables a clear laying out of the organization's hierarchy which is critical to employees, for they get in a position of knowing who is who in the organization. This knowledge is of utmost importance in the development of interpersonal relations.

In conclusion, the Coca cola team human resource has profoundly impacted on the company’s overall performance due to the creation of an enabling environment for the workers do their jobs freely without fear of discrimination.

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