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The Roman Empire is considered to be one of the once superpower empires in the Asian continent. However, the Empire experienced challenges that caused its gradual and final collapse. The emperors that took over from Trajan were not as capable as he was. The period between 235 A.D and 284 A.D. was characterized by military anarchy and imperialism. The economy was adversely affected with inflation beyond control. This made the empire vulnerable to divisions. The foreign tribes harassed the borders and eventually, Diocletian seized power and became a self-imposed emperor. He also gave orders for the split of the Roman Empire into two parts.  

Personalities and religious politics contributed to the split of the Roman Empire. Michael Cerularius, Patriarch of Constantinople, and Pope St. Leo IX were great rivals. Cerularius approved the use of unleavened bread that was Jewish doctrine and not Christian teaching. The rivalry led to the separation of Pope Leo and Patriarch Michael from each other. The use of Holy Eucharist in the Western church was the point of difference with Leo claiming that the patriarchs were dancing to the tune of Byzantine emperors.

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There were various effects of the split of the Roman Empire. First, this split caused division in the region that has remained to til the present days. For example, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Hercegovina remaine with the Western Empire. On the other hand, Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia became the part of the present Eastern Roman Empire, popularly known as the Byzantine Empire. The split of the Roman Empire created a stratified society of the rich, powerful imperial rulers versus the poor and the weak. The armies of the East and the West differed completely especially with regard to the doctrinal teachings and the religious festivals and ceremonies. A good example was the dispute of the content of the Apostle’s Creed.  

In conclusion, the split of the Roman Empire had lasting implications in terms of the administration of the Eastern and Western parts of the Empire. This also had a bearing on the religious and the economic aspects of the Roman Empire.

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