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Film analysis is a crucial part of any course related to journalism and media studies. The Shower is a classic horror movie that depicts a lot of information concerning various principles used in movie and film analysis. The first response of this paper will strictly focus on the editing styles, shots and visual transition types, as well as, several other aspects as instructed. The other part of the paper will look into lucid analysis of sound styles and categories used in the film, Barrels.

In The Shower film, the editor has used the montage editing technique. He has edited a series of shots in a given sequence to condense time, space and information. The technique is responsible for showing the passage of time and not creation of symbolic meaning. This way, the editor has managed to provide the time or the period during which the film was shot. From the movie, one can easily distinguish or tell the time during which it was shot without any difficulties. The black and white colors of the movie show that it was shot during the time when coloring in films had not been invented or developed. The editor has used Cut  type of shot in the film. This is because the character (woman taking a shower) in the movie is only visible partly. This is meant to show the details of what happens in the film. The stabbed part becomes more visible than other parts. The visual transition used in the film is Cut Type. This is because there is an instant changing of one shot to another in the movie clip. The scene does not follow continuity of editing (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). The film does not follow the standard editing rules. It is a discontinuous type. Discontinuity nature of the film violates the audience’s expectations due to instant changing of image size and tones. The audience, therefore, fails to comprehend the message contained in the movie.

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The three basic sound categories of film are dialogue or spoken word, music and sound effects (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). Dialogue is whereby a narrator, normally a character in the film is involved in the narration of the actions taking place in the film. The voice of the person can be heard without her physical presence in the film. The second category is music. Music involves rhythm, tempo, pitch and volume. In this case, lyrics work like dialogue in the film. The third category is Sound Effects. It involves all the sound effects present in a film but do not fit in either of the first two mentioned categories (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). They are more specific, as well as, more patterned than music. However, they are less patterned and less specific than dialogue.

The editor of the film, Barrels, has used sound category of Sound Effects. The sound produced in the movie does not show any characteristic of pure music or dialogue. It consists of the two, but the music has irregular rhythm and, therefore, does not follow any rhythmic pattern. There is rising and falling of sound pitches in the entire clip. There are also sounds produced by some of the characters in the movie. The sounds are in the form of shouts, hence simultaneous rising and falling of tones. The sounds produced by characters in the movie have tonal variations. These features disqualify the sound technique used in the film from dialogue or music types. This sound technique makes the mood of the film indifferent and confused. It is difficult to understand what exactly happens in the movie due to the confusing sound effects caused by the shouts of the characters. The sound complements the scene on the movie. The movie is situated at the ocean shore, which is prone to waves. Therefore, the sound technique is the appropriate one in this case.     

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