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“Many scales of climate change are in fact natural, from the slow tectonic scale to the fast changes embedded within glacial and interglacial times, to the even more dramatic changes that characterize a switch from glacial to interglacial. So why worry about global warming, which is just one more scale of climate change? The problem is that global warming is essentially off the scale of normal in two ways: the rate at which this climate change is taking place, and how different the "new" climate is compared to what came before.”

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Technology today is at its fastest pace: automobile innovations, cloning generation, robot arms, supercomputers, and the list goes on; however, one thing is for sure, along with these technological advances, the destruction of the environment and the depletion of the natural resources are inevitable. The depletion of natural resources is very alarming and needs utmost attention. The effects of these issues are far more serious than one can ever imagine. One of the most important issues in the environment today is the occurrence and demonstration of Global Warming and its effects. It is a phenomena wherein the earth heats up into a state or level that is harmful to the living things and its environment. It is caused by greenhouse gases such as Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide that are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and consequently, trapping more radiation coming from the sun to the earth. Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide emissions come from the continuous combustion of fossil fuels, coal, oil, and natural gas (Yeatman). Furthermore, fossil fuel combustion contributes more than 90% of the gross domestic greenhouse gas emissions (US EPA). Global Warming has dire effects on the environment and its inhabitants, some that we are already experiencing today. Some of these consequences are abnormal weather conditions such as super strong typhoons, hurricanes, etc., melting of the polar ice that leads to rise in the sea level and death of endangered polar animals, and the abnormal rise of the earth’s temperature. These effects are devastating and are fatal to future generations. Scientists, politicians, economists, and many other professional people continuously study and find new ways of combating this Global Warming phenomenon. One of the resulting ways to battle Global Warming is to reduce Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide emissions. The question is, how can they cut back the volume of CO and CO2 emissions if fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gases are the one responsible for the operations of the major “necessities” in the world? Necessities mean transportation, factories that produce food, garments, things, etc. What is the most probable way of cutting back on these emissions? The answer is to eliminate all subsidies on fuel consumption and use. Therefore, the elimination of subsidies on fuel is one of the immediate solutions on the Global Warming crisis.

Fossil Fuel emissions are the prime suspects in this Global Warming phenomenon. Fossil Fuels drive every engine in the world. It is a necessity for developed countries as well as developing countries. However, the cost of these fossil fuels is very expensive that governments are spending $500 billion annually to subsidize the cost of such. The International Energy Agency reported that in 2008, there was roughly $557 billion was allotted for the fossil fuel consumption subsidies (1). The money that is allotted to these subsidies is extremely large; however, the policies that they are allotted to undermine energy security and worsens the condition of the environment (ScienceDaily, 2010). Fossil fuel subsidies alter fossil fuel prices that cause distortions in the market. Consequently, these market distortions produce economic, environmental, and societal impacts. This argument will focus on the environmental impacts of fossil fuel subsidies.

Fossil fuel subsidies provide positive and negative environmental impacts. Morgan reported that there are also positive impacts that the subsidies create such as reduction of forest degradation due to reduced biomass consumption. Also, it is unclear if fossil fuel subsidies increase the fossil fuel consumption (qtd. by Ellis, 38). Thinking this way harms the environment by polluting it bit by bit. Another major impact of the fossil fuel subsidies is Greenhouse gas emissions – Ellis noted that fossil fuel combustion is the primary source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The accumulation of this GHG causes long-term effects in the environment. That is why reduction of these GHGs is a must.

Reformation of the Fossil fuel subsidies or total elimination of the subsidies is one way of cutting back the fossil fuel consumption. Ellis claimed that reformations of these policies are very hard to the government (39).  Furthermore, she assessed that measurements of the impacts of the reformation of subsidies is a critical step in determining the conditions on how to achieve a positive net effect of the reform (39).

The elimination of fossil fuel subsidies contributes a lot to the environment. It is common knowledge that when the cost of a certain necessity is very high, government tends to reduce their consumption of that necessity. Elimination of fossil fuel subsidies will result to the dramatic increase in the fossil fuel prices (Ellis, 8). The increase in fossil fuel prices will lead to the reduction of the consumption of fossil fuel. Thus, GHG emissions are to be reduced accordingly. Furthermore, other positive effects of the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies may manifest such as the removal of a costly drain in the government’s budget (Ellis, 8). This will lead to more budget for other more important issues in society. Also, Ellis suggested that the elimination of the subsidies for fossil fuels may be the most effective and least critical option available to the government for reducing GHG emissions (8). Furthermore, six studies concluded that fossil-fuel subsidy reform would have a CO2 emission reduction impact (qtd. by Ellis, 33).

GHG emissions are very critical components of Global Warming. May it be natural or unnatural for Global Warming to happen, people must not wait until the situation cannot be changed anymore. Early steps to combat GHG emissions and Global Warming must be done to protect this generation and the future generation. One of these steps is to eliminate the fossil fuel subsidies to be able to cut down GHG emissions dramatically.

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