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In the article The Stress Myth by Richard Reeves, there is an argument about issues and perceptions people have about work stress (Reeves 24). First, Reeves starts the argument by stating the perceptions people have about job stress. In this case, people presume that work creates a lot of stress for people. Secondly, Reeves continues the argument by stating that the opinion that people like their work secretly is only the creation of the stress myth. This means that people like their work but perceptions, the media, and the stress myth people are creating about work hide the truth. In the end, Reeves finalizes the argument by providing readers with evidence against the stress myth (Reeves 29). Therefore, Reeves’ arguments state that the stress myth is a perception people are creating using work as an excuse.

First, Reeves introduces the argument by showing the creation of the stress myth. In this case, Reeves is showing readers how people assume that they are under a lot of stress because of work (Reeves 24). To prove this, Reeves is using examples of the different explanation people offer due to job-related stresses. For example, people argue that they work for long hours without rest. In addition, people explain that it is because of work that they are not able to spend time with their children or loved ones (Reeves 25). It is clear that Reeves is trying to introduce readers to his main point by showing the different myths people have about stress.

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In the second point, Reeves shows readers that work is not the key cause of stress. In the real sense, work offers people more satisfaction, but they could not say it directly (Reeves 26). In this case, he attracts readers, because it is hard to believe that work rarely gives somebody stresses. In this case, Reeves states that there has been brainwashing of many people’s minds by creating the stress myth about work that for a long time encountered a lack of disbelief (Reeves 26). In the real sense, most people like their work. According to statistics, now, people are receiving more benefits from work in comparison to the work situation two decades ago (Reeves 27). For this reason, people should stop this stress myth by opening up and saying how work is providing satisfaction to them.

Finally, Reeves is ending the argument by offering readers the evidence to show that the stress myth is a misconception. First, average earnings have been increasing over the last few decades (Reeves 28). As a result, this brings people satisfaction that comes from the work they are doing. Secondly, employers have become so lenient offering employees an opportunity to work at their own convenience for the purpose of minimizing the amount of stress. In the end, Reeves is showing readers that two thirds of British workers are becoming extremely satisfied with their work (Reeves 29). This evidence shows that perceptions people have are just myths. Therefore, Reeves is urging people to open up by speaking the truth and saying that work is not the key cause of their stress.


According to the article The Stress Myth by Richard Reeves, it is clear that work is not the key cause of many stress issues. Many people have been regarding their work as the main cause of stress to a point of using work as an excuse to avoid certain tasks at home. For this reason, Reeves argues that this is not true, because people are getting more satisfaction when they are working. According to statistics, average earnings have been increasing in the last decade. In addition, employees have opportunities to work at their own convenience at the comfort at their homes. Therefore, Reeves leaves people with a provocative question stating that if working is not causing stress, there should be something else causing stress.

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