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This study seeks to investigate the real issues surrounding terrorism. In the world that we live in today, the word terror gets attention from most government and security organs. This study is vey important because, terrorism is an issue that affects our day to day activities. It is an issue that is on top agenda in most governments today. The goal of this study is to seek how different people view terrorism. For instance, what is the real meaning of terrorism? Who can be labeled a terrorist?  How many types of terrorism do exist?  The study takes a look at countries that have been affected by terror and which steps are being done to counter terrorism.


There have been previous researches done on this topic. Various governments have carried out research on terrorism so that the y can counter terror and help their various security organs deal with terrorists. For the purpose of this study, terrorism is defined as the systematic use of terror as a means of coercion. There are no globally agreed definitions of terrorism but most of the common definitions point to the fact that terrorism only refer to violent acts intended to create fear. The target is usually the civilians, and the terrorist are usually individuals or non-governmental agencies (Richard 2007, pg 310-16). The reasons for causing terror may be political, ideological or religious.


The methodology, which this study utilized, is that of comparative case study. This type of methodology reimburses the clichés formed in the corporal globe. This study utilizes the benefits of using comparative case studies in the topic of discussion, which is terrorism. This is due to the fact that there are plenty of ideas dealing terrorism. By looking on previous researches and studies, this research ascertains various ideas that are concerned with terror.

Research findings

This research has established that terrorism is politically and emotionally charged. It has been put into practice by different political organizations to push for their own agendas. It has been practiced by political parties, ruling governments, religious groups, and revolutionaries. The most common characteristic is the use of violence against civilians so as to gain publicity for a group or an individual. The study has also established that terrorist attacks are more often than not, carried out in such a manner so as to maximize the psychological impact and be vey severe. Terrorism is meant to impact a large audience. Terrorists usually attack national symbols and have a political cause (Richard 2007, pg 316-20). More often than not, the victims of terrorism are targeted because their suffering accomplishes the goals of the terrorist instilling fear, getting their message to a government or satisfy their radical religious and political agendas.

This research has also established that there are different categories of terrorism. Political terrorism is criminal behaviour targeted to generate fear in a community for political purposes. A civil disorder order, on the other hand, is a type of collective violence that interferes with the security of a community. Limited political terrorism refers to terror committed for political or ideological motives. However, they are doing not intend to capture control of the state. Religious terrorism is usually performed by individuals or groups motivated of by their faith. Terrorist acts have over time been performed on religious grounds aimed in either spreading or enforcing a system of belief. Religious terrorism defines an individual or a group interpretation of their teachings. The research found out that terrorist can be individuals, various groups, or states. A state can sponsor terrorism by either funding or harboring a terrorist group. However, when these states provide funds to groups considered to be terrorists, they don’t acknowledge them as such. There are different responses to terrorist’s attacks; they can involve re-alignments of the political field or reassessments of elementary values. Counter-terrorism is usually directed at the terrorists. In the US, for example, there are various government organizations, private companies that work on countering terror.


There are many different definitions of terrorism; it depends on a number of factors. For example, a government that is targeted by terrorist may view the perpetrators as terrorists while those funding them will view the terrorist as heroes.  Terrorism is a form of warfare common when direct, conventional war cannot be effective because they have fewer powers. Terrorists usually have an agenda behind their attacks whether political or religious. Terrorist groups usually plan attacks in advance; they train participants, use undercover agents, and raise funds to carry out their activities. The terrorists usually communicate through Communications occur through modern technologies or other appropriate methods. It should also be noted that terrorist attacks are usually targeted to maximizing fear and publicity, usually using explosives. I recommend that governments and security agents concerned, work hand in hand to avoid terrorist employing weapons of mass destruction (Steve 2004, pg 925-35). Future governments should also consider not suppressing certain communities. This is because terrorists usually feel that a certain government is oppressing them. 

I recommend various responses to counter terror. There should be increased surveillance or intelligence activities so as to keep at pace with the terrorist activities. Military action should also be taken against those groups which have increasingly become very violent. These are just but a few, but it all depends with the government that has been affected by the terrorist activities.

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