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The turning point of my life came some years ago when I graduated high school in my native country, that is, in Saudi Arabia. Nothing was fun at that moment than the thought that I wouldn’t see myself through high school again. All my high school mates were also delighted by the thought, nothing more important than being called high school graduates. We sang song of praises to thank the highest God for seeing us through that hard moment. I call it hard moment for the sole reason that, most of us did not like school, some were forced into it by parents or our mentors.

It was during this joyous moment that, we decided to celebrate for our graduation. It was such a festive moment, chatting for the last moment with some of our friends whom we thought it would take us time to see each other again and most especially for international students. It was fun, I remember. We did a lot of staffs that any student from that graduation year cannot afford to forget.

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The celebration party ended at around midnight with everybody embarking to his or her home or wherever one had planned to go after the party. I and my three friends had planned to spend the night at one of my friends place. It was during our drive to his place that this horrible accident occurred. A speeding car behind us hit our car sending it to roll a several times along the road. It was really terrible. I only remember asking one of my friends who was driving what was happening and remember nothing else that happened there after. Things happened so fast that later, I found that I was the only lucky survivor in that accident. My friends were gone, without any sign of goodbye.

This was really a turning point in my life in that, when my close friends died, I appreciated Gods love to me. It made me appreciate the life I have at my disposal. I started seeing its worthiness by having a mass of question in my mind. For instance, I would ask myself, Why not me? Why just my friends? And why just after our celebrations? Why…Why…? I had so many rhetorical questions that revolved over my mind.

I wished they would have lived longer because we were really close to each other; we had made a lot of plans together, about our future life after school. But it was never to be. I remember how we treasured our friendship, we would share our problems together, have fun together, work homework together and any school work, visit each other during holidays and many sorts of things.

I remember how during holidays we would ask for our parent’s permission to have time for ourselves, “The Four friends Time” as we used to call it. During this time, we would visit places of our interest. I remember one holiday when we had saved enough and decided to visit needy homes such as homes for the olds and children’s home. During this time, we distributed our savings by buying them several necessities and donating some of our unused belongings. It was such a fun to see people appreciate our efforts.

I remember how we would go to each other homes during holidays and help with any work, play video games and watch videos. Gone are those times, It was such a pity that I had to loose both of my best friends.

 Life changed after that. I saw nothing good happening to me, and although that accident made me appreciate my life, I underwent a long journey of emotional problems. My friend’s death could not get out of my mind. I would dream with them, having fun together only to wake up and find myself in a lonely bed. I knew I had to do something, else I would get depressed and loose my true self. My parents decided to take me for a physical therapy which lasted me for a whole year. During my physical therapy, my college application dates passed without having applied. This made me miss college entrance for that year.

Missing college for a year made me feel lost; I felt nothing good was forthcoming in my life. I wondered if my life was lost too the day I lost my friends. It was unbelievable how I would spend another year at home. This was really appalling. All my other friends with whom we were studying with had gone to colleges and were leading good lives. I wondered what was happening to me. What was I to become? I had really fully recovered from my emotional problem when another problem arises.

However, despite this, I managed to adjust to changes that were occurring in my life little by little. After a year, my father decided that I should go and study in United State. This was the best news I had received for the two years since I lost my true friends. I couldn’t believe my life was taking another shape.

I will never forget that day when after applying for the college I received an acceptance letter to go and study in United States.

This was my turning point, the best day for the two years. Everything had changed to the better. I would now start a new life and forget bygones. I promised myself to study hard and recover everything I had lost. However, I still encountered some problems while in United States. I never anticipated that life would be hard for a new student.

While in United States, I knew nothing of the country, I had no friends, their culture was totally different from my culture and I felt left out and lonely. This is not what I had anticipated. I had thought life will be simple, only to encounter other hardship of being a new student in a new country.

During my first few days stay, things were difficult, I did not know how to go about doing anything and most important, I missed my family and country home. However, after some period of time, I adjusted to the college culture, made friends and become ad versant to the college settings and some of the culture that I was unfamiliar with. It was my courage to take things as they are and move on that changed my life. It made the turning point of my life.

I am now happy; happy with my college life, with my social life and myself. I have now become more creative and constructive more than I was before I lost my friends. I now feel proud of myself that I decided to move on with life, establish a new foundations and went for what is more significant to my life.

I now realize that, despite any challenge there is an opener that enables us to live our life with a purpose. It’s now evident that, where there is a will there is a way and we should not settle our life for only an existence but settle for a good and meaningful life (Alexander, 1990).

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