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The article is related to the question of copyright and plagiarism. I agree with Brian Martin, the author of the article The Wrong s of Copyright that was published in Issues, volume 95, September 2011. As I can conclude from the article, the topic is very popular during the last decade. Moreover, the author mentions, that people do misunderstand the initial idea of the copyright. This misunderstanding, according to the article, leads us to unconscious acceptance of the system, which was created by giants of the entertainment industry in order to make more money.

If to speak about the information, it is better to know, instead of guessing. However, not all information is useful. Nevertheless, in this article I read about the duration of the copyright and how it appeared. Moreover, now I know how long it last and what is the difference between copyright and plagiarism. However, this made obvious the fact that only few can get through this wall of conscious bureaucracy. As a result, most people follow the scheme, when the best way to succeed is to hide the source, where you got the information or try to transform it.

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The transformed information helps to achieve the goal; however, I am not sure that the problem is the fair system. The problem, in my opinion, lies in the existence of the system itself. Usually, authors, inventors and even amateurs create thing because of the inner need. However, people, who always were and are looking for easy money, decided to benefit from the fruits of work from those, who had no idea in their mind except improvement of humans life.

In this case, thing can change when the relationship between people do. It is obvious with every year that consumer oriented economy is running out of limits and it is time to change the orientation and give an opportunity of development to everyone. Maybe then the desire of fraud will disappear and people will go out of the system frame in order to create new standards.

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