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The United States of America has gone through hard and tough times to come to this point of the ratification of the constitution. Many Americans have lost their lives, as they fought to ensure that America would govern itself on laws and regulations that have been formulated by and for the Americans. It is on this point that I, as a federalist, call on all Americans to come together and work on a common consensus, as we build a stronger nation, whose foundations cannot be shaken, now nor in the future.

To begin with, the newly formed government of the United States of America under the new constitution has a responsibility of building a stronger nation by empowering its citizens and creating structures that would alienate Americans from poverty. In reference to Engerman (2000), the United States needs centralized government initiatives that would build an energetic, creditworthy federal government capable of maintaining internal unity and looking after the international economic and political interests of the United States (p.490). In this regard, the government would be responsible in creating commerce, agricultural and manufacturing economic structures to overcome local and state parochialism in matters that concerns the economy. More importantly, the state should act as means of acquiring freedom and preserve the general public.

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The government of the United States would therefore work on carving its political and economic niche for on the international arena with an aim of elevating its economic and political structures in such a way that it would be able to become influential on the international front. As a result, this national would be able to benefit from international alliances with other nations. In regard to Jones (2002), the government of the United States would safeguard the economic and political interests of this country on the international front (p.45). On the other hand, this government would also build its economic structures at home by developing agriculture, manufacturing and commerce sectors.

There is enough evidence to show that this is the perfect way to build this nation. It is important to understand that the government would grow strong only when its economy; agricultural, commerce and manufacturing structures that are important if this nation is to make any meaningful impact on its people and on the international arena. These economic structures cannot also be strong unless individual people are empowered. On the other hand, strengthening economic and political interests by safeguarding them would act as an important avenue towards building America. For instance, the decision by the US to remain neutral in the war between France and Britain, Spain and Netherlands spared the United States from dragging itself into a war that could have devastated its economy and political structures at the time (Pietrzyk, 2002).

Apart from building the national economy through empowering its people, the United States would be able to build alliances as a newly freed country from Britain that would help it to empower its political and economical structures that are important in the national development. In this regard, it is important to understand that the only way to promote freedom and liberty in this nation, and to create important institutions that would empower its people is through creating internal economic structures and safeguarding its political interests on the international scene (Engerman, 2000). On the other hand, building a nation with a centralized form of government would create channels to achieve its goals of freedom.

In summary, the United States as a government need to focus on creating a centralized government that promotes liberty and freedom that it fought for a long period of time. As such, this nation, to the surprise of many other nations would rise and become influential internationally and locally. With this, the American people would be able to enjoy the recently acquired freedom.

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