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China could just become the next world superpower. This possibility was reinstated by the bold announcement by Chinese scientists after the Fukushima disaster that they had managed to make a completely different type of nuclear reactor. At the moment, most nuclear projects were crumbling down, including that of the United States. In fact, Germany was at the moment abandoning nuclear technology altogether. In addition, Chinese economy is fast spiraling upwards, when major global economies are burdened with debts. This has enabled them to massively invest in their infrastructure, as well as buy some of the debts accumulated by the United States and Europe. If this trend continues, then it is almost certain that China will become the world superpower before 2020 (Smith and Richard, 1995).

The country is also safe and sound in as far as geopolitical and security issues are concerned. The buffer zones created around it effectively eliminate any security threats from Eurasia. For example, Tibet is considered a minor irritant that cannot mount an effective invasion on China. Besides, the Muslim community in Xinjiang does not pose any serious threats to the nation. The greatest military challenge to China is the US. For example, the United States can blockade almost all China’s ports and significantly cripple their trade because China largely depends on seaborne trade. Internationally, China has continued to gain influence due to its policy of “moderate diplomacy”. Many countries, especially in the developing world, find it easier to deal with China because they have minimal interference in the politics of these countries (Herring, 2008).

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The mutual suspicion between the United States and China is undoubtedly not healthy for a peaceful world. With ruthless politicians from both sides, China is becoming the next superpower – the fact that could trigger off a military or economic war between the two countries. However, this is not likely to happen because political analysts point out that their ideological differences are not as dramatic as democracy versus communism was. For example, the kind of democracy adopted by the United States is more tolerable than the puritan experiments. Besides, China has done all but abandoned its communist policies. It is quite evident that the current regime in China would do anything to remain in power, including avoiding to confront another country, even if they had a good chance of winning. Thus, it is quite unlikely that China will rise up and claim the status of the world superpower (Smith and Richard, 1995).

The extent of bilateral trade between China and the United States is greatly hampered by China’s rapid rise. Since 2007, there has been a steady decline in the rate of bilateral trade between the two countries. According to analysts, this can be attributed to the glaring differences in economic practices. For example, China is so focused on tightening its currency rates and using tariffs to protect their economy. However, the two countries have kept close relationship, especially during President Obama’s administration (Herring, 2008).

In conclusion, trade between China and the United States is only strained by circumstances. This is because of the growing influence that China continues to have internationally. In fact, it has been theorized that China could become the next world superpower before 2020.

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