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Free Example of Utilitarianism Essay

This essay lucidly aims at demystifying the sociological issues that can be derived from the story of Use of Force by William Carlos Williams. The essay will then contrast the identified issues with the societal norms. It is evident that the author of this story William Carlos Williams ingeniously used light prose to narrate an inherently emotional and interesting story of a doctor who was stressed out due to the intensity of his work. It is also evident that the persona of this story had some self-control issues.  This story also brings out the intense relationship that existed between the doctor and the patient who was not collaborative. The story begins with the parents of a young girl calling the doctor and requesting him to go to their house and diagnose their sick daughter.  The young girl refused to open her mouth so that the doctor could determine her infection. This consequently provokes the doctor to forcefully open mouth and finds out that her tonsils were infected (Williams and McKibbin 3).

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This story presents a dichotomy between social values and personal impulses in severity that only the reader can determine to which degree each should override the other in case such a scenario would happen in their lives.  This is because the actions of the doctor and parents in resolving the young girl’s problem created a colossal opportunity for discussion on the issue in which a number of questions have been raised. For instance, should the professional aspect of the job a person holds takes the first priority or should personal judgment be the number one. In this case, if the doctor had become personally attached to the patient this would have clouded his professionalism. Therefore, it was prudent for him to coerce the young girl to open her mouth so that he would examine her and determine her sickness. This proves that he had deep regard on the young girl’s health as his professional stipulation and he was determined to shake off her belief that she was untouchable.

Therefore, the doctor’s actions were necessary in this particular situation. This is because at that time there was an outbreak of diphtheria a deadly disease that he feared might have infected the girl as it had a few of her schoolmates. Therefore, he had to take the necessary precaution to make sure that the girl was treated appropriately.

However, despite the doctor’s good intentions on saving the life of the young girl, he is a sadistic moron who takes pleasure in pain. This is evident in the closing paragraphs of the doctor’s narration of the encounter in which he states that the girl’s eyes were blinded by tears after her defeat in the duel to treat her (BookRags Student Essays 1). This proves that his insane anger towards the girl due to ignorance and stubbornness to be treated had blinded him for humanity in which he saw the encounter as a competition in which he had to emerge, victor, no matter the means. This sheer desire to win had obscured his compassion. Therefore, he took the liberty upon himself to inflict pain on the young girl. 

This necessitates the essay to take a stand on the doctor’s actions. As per the societal norms, it was prudent that the doctor forcefully diagnosed the young girl. This is because after prying into her mouth he was able to accurately diagnose her and conclude that she had infected tonsils. Therefore, it would be discreet to conclude that force is necessary if it is for your own good such as saving your life. This stand is healthily supported by the highly debatable Consequentialist moral theory of Utilitarianism whose basic principle is actions can be judged as being right if they articulate towards the good of the greatest number (Mill 15). In this case, the doctor’s actions saved the life of the young girl despite having casing her so much pain as is clearly illustrated in the story. This story clearly proves that the doctor cared for his patients. This is because he recognizes the plight of these people and has sympathized with them despite the means of achieving this objective. As a result, the narrator through this story gives good counsel to all professionals on the strongest ways. They should be ready to risk bright careers in such lean and trying moments rather than be shadowboxed by compassion that will not yield the required results. 

In summarizing this essay, it would be prudent to conclude that the Use of Force is a story that its readers should be greatly indebted to because of its truthful and sympathetic qualities in bringing out the virtues of a doctor who was dedicated to his work. It has effectively illustrated how people can easily provoke the use of force even when it is for their good. However, it has also shown that this problem can be kicked if all facets of social work as a unit in ensuring that we eradicate vices such as ignorance.

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