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This essay provides the response to the video of infomercial broadcast on TV promoting the Internet Paycheck System of Welth Net LLC. The TV show appeals to inexperienced in e-retailing people suggesting the risk-free money making offer. The essay will discuss the main points of the video and explain the techniques used to catch the attention and credibility of the consumers.

The TV promotion presents an exclusive deal of Internet Paycheck System that could help any person who has the computer and internet access to make enormous money via e-commerce without much effort and prior experience in the field. The stressing words in the advertisement are “money”, “right now”, “success”, “free”, “secrets”. The show is built on the story of two attractive women pointing the absolute advantages of Paycheck System through the real-life examples of successful customers of the system. The story names the developed below positive sides of the deal.

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First, the Paycheck System gives a unique possibility to make money day and night. The women provide the examples of people such as Lanty from Ohio who makes up to 2500$ a night, Tony from England who earns up to 9000$ while he sleeps or Chris from NYC who makes about 8000$ when he sleeps. This sounds powerful and attractive, especially when accompanied by the example of average people from the same place and class as the potential customers.

Secondly, the TV show appeals to the essential real life problems of people like paying bills, fulfilling the dreams and needs, bringing comfort to life and gives the solid solution of these problems – joining Internet Paycheck System. Thus, the technique is based on contrasts where contrary to constant financial problems of the most part of the society the Internet Paycheck System is easy and fast way to find substantial income.

Third, the TV show tries to convince the customer in the solid and meaningful background for the deal. The user of the system not only is provided with the free trial membership, but also can purchase the “secrets” of successful e-retailing business consisting of the package of software, study guides for becoming millionaire marketer and cash machine that helps making money around the clock. The infomercial persuades to buy the full package for only 39,95$ as an exclusive last-minute offer. Generally, it is not the only source of the company’s income. After the free trial period of membership, every user pays the same amount of 39,95$ per month for the membership in Internet Paycheck System. Thus, the marketing strategy of the firm used “number technique” to catch the attention of TV-watchers. They didn’t set a price of 40$, putting 39,95$ instead that stays in people’s memory as the thirty and not the forty dollars after all. Moreover, customers may misinterpret the same price for the membership and the supporting informational package as the one payment for the whole deal. In reality, after the first payment, the companies like Wealth Net start sending emails to customers for additional offers to buy something else out of their content or to “upgrade” for higher profits, or buy a membership providing discounts to other offers. In addition, the company provides the customers with 10 new free websites each month and 3 free online seminars. TV show gives examples of the most successful websites generating up to 200000$ per month. Nonetheless, there is no emphasis on the annual fees for the websites. Moreover, these websites are simply the “cookie-cutters” as no one is going to build the webs for the customers and it is very doubtful that the webpage would give a 200000$ profit with a little or no effort.

To conclude, it is important to add that Internet Paycheck System sells empty promises and earns on people’s greenness. They use the promotional techniques such as presenting the product as the remedy for the societal problems, emphasizing on completely free trial periods, services and additional products, telling about immediate sky-rocked incomes comparing to low starting costs, providing the success stories of former starving students, window cleaners, fast food workers etc. and finally using sex appeal. Thus, reaching the credent customers, Wealth Net preys on people who are seeking an easy way to wealth that does not exist.

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