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My Preschool program is designed for 2 - 5 year old children and is to be held in privately owned or state governed centers. This early childhood program will provide a nurturing and safe environment for social, physical, cognitive and emotional development. Children will be divided into classes according to their age groups. Each group will use a theme based curriculum based on concepts and skills necessary for successful development of every child. Children will be encouraged to express their inner self though texts, pictures, playing, verbal communication and art. Children will learn through creative games, role modeling, manipulating objects in their environment and discovering the world around them. Young learners will have a fun and inviting atmosphere when acquiring mathematical, reading, writing and social skills. Sophisticated and up-to-date educational program, warm and responsive relationships with well-trained teachers, support and partnership of their parents will enable learners to reach their true potential.


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The goals and objectives of provided various activities and projects are to enhance life skills. Centers, working on this program will serve the needs of our fast-paced world, where parents work long hours and donít often have enough time for educating their children. The staff wonít just look after children and babysit, but prepare them for life, providing a balance between teacher-directed activities and children initiated ones. Both independent and teamwork skills will help children gain abstract thinking, self-regulation and maintain natural eagerness to learn, beneficial for their future accomplishments.†


I believe that every child is unique in terms of developmental readiness, life experiences and cultural heritage. The Jean Piagetís stage theory of cognitive development suggests that children do not think the way adults do. I agree with Lev Vygotskyís idea, that children learn actively and through hands-on experiences. I reckon that the development isnít promoted when children are trained to repeat what they know without ever using that knowledge, it is ensured by making own, thoughtful decisions. At the same time I support John Bowblyís theory of social development outlining that early relationships with caregivers play one of the †most important roles in a child development and it continues to impact the childís social relationships throughout his/her life. For my program I would also lean upon G. Gardnerís theory of multiple intelligences to help children grow socially and emotionally and help †them develop life-long love for learning.

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