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“As I read, I want to have the sense of being with interesting people who are talking in interesting ways about important subjects. I want to be given a view of the world and offered opinions. I don’t want to be talked down to. I want a combination of affection without fawning, skepticism without willful cruelty. I want high values without stodginess, fairness and flair of having fun. I expect the world represented in the magazine to be the world I recognize, but it should be presented to me in ways I may not have thought of myself.”

- Gregory Curtis, in his editors column for Texas Monthly magazine, Feb. 1988, p. 198

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I share the same sentiments with Gregory Curtis because he does not subdue what writing should consist. Instead, he goes ahead to emphasize the importance of creativity and consistency when displaying analytical facts. Biasness and personal opinions, he stresses, are editorial vices that no writer should apply when presenting any piece of information. Moreover, it is unethical and unprofessional for any writer to engage in willful malice and make unfair judgments. Writing means displaying facts as they are in a manner that is comprehendible and diligently put.

“I don’t see how you can write anything of value if you don’t offend someone”

- Mark Harris

Being a good writer does not necessarily mean everybody loves to read what you write and this is a common sentiment that I share with Mark Harris. The contents of an article or a book may be appealing to a certain audience but not to everybody. Others may find the presentation offensive or biased depending on how they understand the contents or if it happens to touch on some sensitive areas of their lives. This calls for an easily comprehendible means of displaying content without judgment.

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