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Effects of Pregnancy on Adolescent Males Between the Ages of 13-17

Introduction Although parenthood can be a life-enhancing experience, it may bring a number of negative consequences for adolescent males and their children. The post parenthood for the young adolescent male seems to be similar to those of adolescent mothers although, there is little data on the economic, health, and employment outcomes. The teen birth rate […]

No Peace without Victory

Introduction This work aims at emphasizing that most times peace can only occur if any one of the warring parties becomes the victor. This statement can be proved by the facts from the AHA presidential address “No Peace without Victory of 1861 and 1865” by 2003 association president, James M. McPherson. This address was made […]

Visual Arts

Visual arts are a collection of diverse forms of arts including drawings, ceramic, paintings, printmaking, photography, video, architecture, filmmaking, sculpture, and video. It is worth noting that visual arts have been growing over the years with the changing forms of technology. Artists have been able to employ technology in their respective works, hence, making them […]

Benefits of Troubled Teens Volunteering

Since the very beginning of humanity, adults have always had various problems with teenagers. Every young person has a certain time period when he or she feels like an adult and loses proper perception of reality. In many cases, they become rebels and deny most moral rules. With such a state of mind teenagers’ behavior […]

PTSD in Returning Military

Abstract Mental disorders are common for stressful situations caused by combat. Military people are exposed to a variety of physical dangers during the military operations, but the aftermath can be as threating as the bullets flying over the head. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of such dangers, it is unexpected and unpleasant outcome of […]

Crisis Negotiation between Ukrainian Crimea and Russia

The revolution in Ukraine is one of the most discussed and topical issues in today’s media. There cannot be a one-sided point of view on the topic, as it is very complex and controversial. Yet, a closer look may clarify the situation. The Crimean crisis is closely connected to the previous events that have occurred […]

Analyze the Observations from The Food Stores

Observations Apart from drafting strategic documents, setting goals and developing competitive advantages, retailers are also concerned about building a specific customer’s experience within a store, which will both, fill in their pockets and urge customers to visit them again and again. Therefore, a simple logic behind setting up products on shelves and printing different fronts […]

PayPal Company Analysis

Introduction The discussion of the existing situation in the company should include a complex assessment of its internal environment. It mainly includes the assessment of the products and services provided by the organization and the analysis of the revenue profile of the business. Thus, in this paper, the performance of the PayPal Company would be […]

Suitable E-Payment Systems: Book Bunker Company

Book Bunker has a wide variety of choices to make in respect to the most effective and efficient e-payment system. It is important to realize that e-payment is a subsection of the e-commerce mode of transactions that allow purchase of goods and services using electronic means. Accordingly, the internet has become a platform upon which […]

Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Is Bad

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, have become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional smoking. While some proponents of e-cigarettes claim that they are a safer option than smoking, there is mounting evidence that using e-cigarettes can have serious health consequences. In this essay, we will explore 10 reasons why smoking […]

Ryan Coogler

The Marvel films are always stereotypical, highlighting superheroes with the same structure of the films and even the set of events. However, American famous director created something new and special, breaking the stereotypes in the picture Black Panther. “Black” is a key word exemplifying direct and symbolic content of the film. The purpose of the […]

Free Example of SOAP Analysis

Proper intervention in a patient’s condition depends on a number of issues, which include the relation between doctor and patient, availability of medical facilities, and the skills that the medical specialist possesses. In this regard, the patient’s information must be documented and kept safe without encroachment by unauthorized people. Documentation and record-keeping carried out by […]

DNA Analysis by Electrophoresis

Introduction Evolution basically means the change in the characteristics of living organisms over a number of generations. The processes of evolution are the ones that give rise to the diversity of living organisms. The occurrence of evolution basically leads to the diverse population of the components of the living organisms. This means that diversity is […]

Body Ritual among the Nacirema

Although the research paper written by Horace Miner on the little known tribe of the Nacirema seems ancient, its significance in today’s research cannot be underrated. His presentation on the Nacirema gives us immense insight into the process of conducting fieldwork in the field of anthropology, as well as in the other fields of study. […]

Instructional Delivery Methods

Leading international psychologists are fervently contesting the assumption that the success of e-learning is connected with the way their teachers deliberately or inadvertently socialize with them. While the first group of scholars is firmly convinced that the geographical factor is not important, their modern-oriented colleagues are fervently advocating the idea that the location of teacher […]

The Activity of Teacher and Students’ Progress

In accordance with the most fundamental postulates of contemporary students’ psychology, it has been identified that the theory of mind development can be defined as the capacity of a human being to conceive and the beliefs, intentions and desires of outsiders (the so-called mental states) differ from his/her personal ones. The development of mind is […]

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