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Perhaps the sensational changes in the technological world might raise divergent opinions on the fate of the current generation. Philosophers in particular are perturbed by the way the internet is wasting away the traditional methods of research and the natural intelligence of the mortal man. In Carr’s essay; “˜Is Google making us stupid?’ Carr alludes from Socrates’ view that people would be thought of as, “having knowledge when they are actually illiterate due to the unorganized internet knowledge.” It is also a worry by scholars that the internet may at great extend induce laziness amongst students on a claim that they will lose the habit of looking for books and reading them (Carr 34). Carr is particularly worried that his level of concentration is not to the maximum. The author admits that when goggling, he would sometimes, “sneak into other pages because of some attractive features or because of curiosity and forget about his work.” However, his opinion is baseless as internet – Google in specific – will actually sharpen the society’s knowledge and expound their level of thinking (Carr 24). Notably, the website offers a viable mode of knowledge to the society and builds the relationship between the society and the individual.

Google has made a tremendous and significant change in the communication sector. It has changed the way the press communicates with the society. For instance, “˜The New York Times’ dedicated the second and third pages of their editions to abstract. This was in a bid to make it easy for readers to get information. It has made it in such a way that there are headlines, directories and capsule summaries to acquaint the reader to the magazine or newspaper. Many individuals are now willing to read the newspapers and magazines since they appear in the same format as Google pages (Anderson 63). This has largely boosted the communication sector as persons find it easy to access what they want especially from newspapers and magazines.

Internet has dramatically boosted the education sector especially in the area of research. It is obvious that the practice will soon eliminate the traditional methods of reading where one had to immerse oneself in a lengthy book or magazine in search of information. Carr notes that the society will, “avoid conventional methods of reading and instead opt for online resources.” He also approves that, “it is important to work with new information a person requires on daily basis.” This concurs with the fact that the society is in search of new ideas every time. In this case, internet is the most pertinent dynamic source. Through it one is able to meet divergent opinions from various scholars and researchers. Secondly, it offers firsthand information. It is right to say that all immediate information is obtained from the internet. The web acquaints the society with current knowledge of what is happening on the globe. This is available on the media posts and articles written by researchers. The author alludes that, “media is not only a means for information but also a channel to establish thoughts and sharpen them (Anderson 76).”

In conclusion, Google has challenged the communication industry by transforming the look of their media, one that will seem relevant to the 21st century citizens. It has also promoted the education sector. However, the society should not rely so much on the web and forget their natural brain. They should treat it as a reference material and not as an external brain. In addition, Google services should be denied to individuals at tender ages to enable them train their minds and nature their intellectual abilities. This will greatly reduce laziness amongst the productive generation — the youths, and in turn cultivate self — reliance.

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