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Friendship is a philosophical category in many ways, because it is always a point for discussion and inspiration for stories. In fact, friendship can be defined as a trait that makes a person distinctively human. Being able to have friendship is a sign that there is a higher moral law above being self-centered on the one hand, and that communication is a key need of a person on the other hand. A true friend is a person who is able to support another person regardless of circumstances and to accept their identity as it is, with all its advantages and flaws.

Speaking about friendship, I believe that trust is the first element that should be present. Trust is an ability to open one’s heart to another person and be comfortable and confident about doing so. My friend Jane is one of such people whom I believe to be trustworthy. We all make mistakes in our lives and it takes trust to confess of them to another person. In order to open a heart to someone, we have to be sure that we are accepted as we are. In case we do not trust a person, we avoid telling the worst about ourselves for several reasons. First of all, we are afraid of being condemned, which should not happen with true friends. Secondly, we are afraid of our secret to be let out, which again is impossible when people trust and respect each other. I am lucky to have a friend to whom I confessed of my mistakes not once, and she listened to me without judgment. Like in love, in friendship it is impossible to love half of someone’s personality and ignore the other half, which is a “bad” one. In fact, loving a person despite of them being imperfect is a challenging task, but it is always a choice that we make.

On the other hand, sincerity and honesty are qualities, which are necessary for friendship. Some people need approval so much that they can keep people around them who constantly lie to them but I do not expect friends to flatter me. For me, friendship is an ability to speak the truth even though it can be unpleasant. Yet, this is not done with condemnation but because of sympathy and respect to another person. This is the case with my friends who can sometimes tell me bitter truth about myself, which I would better not hear. Still, I realize that it is necessary for my development and I appreciate their honesty.

In conclusion, I would like to say that for me friendship is a combination of several qualities: trust, acceptance and honesty. I know that my friends accept me as I am, yet they are not afraid to tell me the things that they do not like, which is the sign of integrity and maturity for me. I believe that becoming a true friend is a work and a space for growth. True friendship does not appear accidentally, one has to contribute to relationships in order to have good fruits as a result.

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