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Criminal Justice is a well-coordinated system of a number of institutions and practices, established by the government. The main purpose of Criminal Justice is to maintain order in society, to deter and mitigate crime, and its consequences, and to pose different kinds of penalties on people, who violate the laws of a country, or a state. The APA style was adopted and put into practice in 1929 when The Publication Manual was issued. The manual initially consisted of seven pages; it contained a set of rules and procedures to make the process of reading much easier (APA, 2009).

Security Management is a rather broad notion, it is a field of management that deals with physical security, asset management, and safety functions of the human resource. It also deals with the classification of an organization’s information assets, the policies development, and documentation, implementation of, standard procedures, and guiding principles.

In the USA, the criminal justice policy in their work is coordinated by the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement; the Administration of Justice controls the work of this police department. In 1967 “The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society”, a pioneering report was issued, it contained a number of recommendations, and suggested that the approach towards the fighting and prevention of crimes should be comprehensive. The President’s Commission on Law Enforcement suggested systematic approaches to criminal justice; it advocated a need to build strong coordination between courts, law enforcement, and correctional institutions.

The Commission gave a special definition of the criminal justice system, it stated that it is a way for the society to “enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals, and the community” (President’s Commission, 1967). The APA style is used in many countries, in order to ease the process of reading by making it simple for communities and individuals to understand, and make a positive decision when it comes to matters concerning justice at all levels.

APA Style in Criminal Justice Research Paper

APA style stresses the need for consistency and precision in reporting methodology; it also suggests how to achieve this consistency, when it comes to network management in security management, where the function is used to protect telecommunication systems and networks from access by an unauthorized individual, unauthorized acts, or undesirable influence. This clearly shows the air importance of implementing the APA style in security management.

The heading style in the APA format is rather simple, as it was designed to make the comprehension process much easier. The use of the APA style makes it easier for people to access security-relevant information when it comes to security management for individuals, communities, or organizations contributing to the implementation of policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines in the terms of security management.

The set of suggestions on how to reduce bias in the language in the APA style tends to give every employer an effective mean to learn whether a person or a potential employee has a sufficient level of knowledge, concerning the physical security issues (the issues of the security management that is a part of the company’s physical security).

Reporting the inferential data, statistics, and guidelines, which are used in the APA style format, helps in distributing security-relevant information in a number of management tools, for example, classification of information, assessment of different risks, and further analysis of these risks.

They are used to perform the threat identification, assets, and vulnerabilities of the rating system classification, in order to implement effective and successful control to policies, procedures, and guidelines, contributing to security management in many organizations. It further helps in coming with new and effective ways of protecting relevant information, making it secure from any harmful acts that can affect the organization negatively.

APA style contains a set of procedures and examples, which can be used in different presentations of information and data that can be easily accessed on the Internet. This aspect helps in criminal justice, as through making it easy to access legal information, it gives a possibility for many interested parties to learn the needed legal data. These people can easily use the information for governing conduct and maintaining order in society.

Digital Object Identifier

The most reliable method to locate them online or electronic information is the use of the DOI (digital object identifier); therefore, electronic references are used in the APA style, making it fast for anyone to find information, concerning various issues on justice policies and security.

The Criminology & Public Policy is a good example of a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on criminal justice practices and policy. The key task of the journal is to present the most up-to-date materials, researches, and findings by publishing policy-focused articles, which are empirically based. A lot of information can be taken from this journal, and DOI ensures that one can find the corresponding article without any problems.

Expanded ethics guidance on determining authorship, sharing data, plagiarism, and self-plagiarism contained in the APA style perform a loss prevention role in security management. Loss prevention security evaluates the critical assets one possesses, and in what way one should protect these assets. The most important component of loss prevention is identifying the threats that can appear potentially and can prevent the achievement of one’s purpose or goal.

One should take into consideration different opportunities that are likely to appear and can create extra possibilities. This will help in deciding what choices one should take, and what actions one should perform to eliminate, or, at least, minimize the threats, like plagiarism, and self-plagiarism, concerning criminal justice and security management

The APA style is of key importance for most students, as a great number of colleges, high schools, and universities require to use the APA style in students’ research papers, writing assignments, discussions, and term papers in order to back up and support each fact, idea, or opinion. The style helps students, who are majoring in criminal justice, to access information that is on the Internet easily. One should only use the citations from scholars’ researchers, who have posted their articles on criminal justice and security management

The APA style makes the research paper easier in reading. When a reader; a professor, or a fellow student is interested in the specific part of the research, or project on criminal justice, he/she knows exactly where to look for it. Or, if the only thing needed for a particular reader is the recommendation for further research, he/she again can be sure where to find the information needed, this makes the APA style significantly important to security management.


Replication is the most important component of the APA style. It is a scientific method that ensures that the researchers and scholars, who want to replicate the research, will meet no difficulties. The text or paper written in the style is a kind of a recipe; it allows scholars and interested parties to follow the steps of each other, and to further the goal of the scientific problem. The replication is thus very important in criminal justice.

The APA format is most commonly applied in researches to cite sources in education, social sciences, and psychology. This feature makes it very important for psychological aspects of criminal justice, as it helps to cite relevant information, concerning justice and security management; furthermore, it helps researchers to get useful information about security management from the various available citations in the APA style.

Nevertheless, referencing in the APA style helps in defining where to find the relevant information for further research. In security management, for example, the researcher will be able to get first-hand information that does not have a bias on the subject concerned, like asset management. Referencing in the APA style will help to arrange an available system of various court cases, like social issues that have taken center stage in the public eye since the 1960s.

The APA style helps in displaying the specific information the author wants to be covered in the written text. The reader faces no problem and can refer back to any original author, as all references and citations are organized in a specific format. One should not reread all the books on criminal justice and security management; he/she has the possibility to find the needed citation in the research of another scholar.

Furthermore, using the style helps in creating clear tables and graphs, where statistical terms and results are presented in a common format, which can be easily comprehended by anyone. The style provides a consistent structure that helps researchers easily find, and report information on criminal justice and security management.

The APA style is of great importance, and is used in different types of research papers and projects; the APA style is usually used for researches in different fields of social sciences. The APA style has become so popular that today not only scientists, but also college, and university students, scholars, and journal writers are using it in their writings, especially in the papers on security management. The APA format can be used in any research, in order to make the communication and connection between different social fields and sciences easier, and more efficient.

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