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The lecture on career transitions presented by Sharon DeLay proved to be an important event and a helpful resource that can be used in future. More specifically, the presenter focused on the question of networking, its characteristics, misconceptions about it and tips on how to become an effective networker. Throughout the whole presentation, a lot of examples were given and the presenter related to the audience really well. The information provided as well as the practical tips and answers to questions all gave the audience a valuable insight into this aspect of career planning and development.

The lecture started by assessing the students’ “networking IQâ€, which was helpful in terms of determining some of the common ideas and feelings when it comes to this issue. She then went on to describing what networking includes and does not include; the reasons for networking and the steps to be taken when doing it. We were also given some statistics and specific information about different professions. One of the things that I remember the most is that networking cannot be a “start-and-stop†endeavor. It has to be a continuous process. I got a strong impression that in order to be successful at networking one must be really committed and ready to invest a lot. Moreover, it is important to be as helpful to people as they are to you. Therefore, one has to recommend or introduce people on suitable occasions. Another point that I found educating is the importance of the on line networking and the use of multiple social networks. However, as the presenter mentioned, those networks can be useful for finding information and accelerating the search but relationships still have to be built face to face. This ensures a more personal attitude and increases the chances of getting the job at the end.

Networking is one of the crucial skills in the modern job-seeking process. As facts indicate, the chance of receiving a job offer through networking is much higher than through traditional ways. In the light of this information, the lecture was especially valuable as it addressed some of the common questions and fears young people may have when deciding to try building networks. One has to consider networking as an option for finding a job but also realize that it requires a lot of commitment and initial investment.

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