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Problem/Solution Essay Purposes

  • The main purpose is to address the problems affecting local parks and evaluate practical implementations for purposes of making implementations solving the problems.
  • Highlighting the advantages of local parks to show the need for changes or additions.
  • Create concrete techniques that can help in introducing changes or additions in the local parks.
  • Finally, create strategies for the relevant authorities to help in implementing in local parks.


  • Presently, the development of new buildings and structures in search of space is leading to the eradication of parks.
  • The current increase in population is causing congestion in the local parks resulting in non-repairable damages (Walls, Darley & Siikamaki, 2009).
  • Pollution of the local Parks (Pigram, 2006).
  • Finally, the lack of special structures to accommodate people with special needs. This is because people with special needs do not enjoy the numerous advantages of using local parks.

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  • Local authorities should create strict laws to protect local parks from pollution and developers who are grabbing local parks (Stenberg, 2007).
  • Creation or introduction of new infrastructure to accommodate people with special needs, for instance, the creation of wheelchair paths (Walls, Darley & Siikamaki, 2009).
  • In order to avoid congestion, there should be the introduction of a limit on the number of people using the park at a certain time (Pigram, 2006).
  • Introduce payments in some parks to raise funds to maintain the local parks (Stenberg, 2007).
  • Finally, the initiation of strategies that help in improving the environment (Pigram, 2006).

Problem Solution Essay Conclusion

  • Local parks help in improving health and promote socialization, maintain the environment and create wealth in the community (City Government, 2012).
  • Population increase, pollution, poor infrastructure, and increasing development are the main causes of the destruction of parks.
  • For this reason, making changes or additions in the local parks is the only way to solve these problems.
  • Therefore, it is essential to make strategic changes or additions to the local parks immediately.
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