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The concept of worldview describes a set of beliefs and assumptions about some concrete things that affect how people live and think. The basic ideas and beliefs held by different people are propellers of their thoughts and behaviors. A worldview does not only involve beliefs but also a concept of living. It is not just an academic endeavor but also a personal one. One’s worldview originates from education, one’s way of growing, culture, the media, and other sources. Christian beliefs are foremost personal. They affect the mind and also all of person’s daily life (Cosgrove 10).

Christian worldview encompasses belief in Jesus Christ, the son of God. Jesus is a real historical figure, and not a myth, as many anti-Christ followers think. Through his coming, there was the preaching of repentance and forgiveness. Through the 12 apostles that he chose, Christianity has spread to all successive generations.Jesus’resurrection was a promise and approval of his uniqueness as the savior of the world.

The Life’s Big Four Questions

In the history of man, science and philosophy have tried to answer questions about the existence of man and life’s big questions, yet with no much luck. It is religion only, and the worldview associated with it, that can show purpose and provide answers that are meaningful (Weghe 12).

Christianity has answered life’s four big questions that revolve around the lives of people. It has always sought to answer the questions of origin of man and the universe. Many philosophers have dismissed the biblical description of God and the universe. Through the explanation given by the Bible, the unsubstantiated assumptions held by philosophers become clear. The opening chapters of the Bible in the book of Genesis are a complete description of God’s relationships with the world. They serve as a primary source of Christian worldview on the issue in question (Naugre168).

The question of where we came from can only be understood by the believers who have faith in the writings of the Bible. Christians believe in the sanctity of life. Man’s origin dates from the beginning of the world. According to Christian worldview, it is clear that God created man in his own image. Man is,therefore, a valuable being of nature. Man is a pinnacle of the creation of the creator, God, where our value stems. This answer is convenient because God has said it well in His holy book. He has been present from the beginning of the world. He has given meaning to our lives, and that is the reason why we live peacefully (Weghe 12). The first chapter of Genesis tells us all about our origin. The explanation from the Bible gives faith to Christians concerning their origin.

The question of evil and morality has been a problem since the beginning of the universe. The origin of death is equivalent to the origin of evil. The problem of right or wrong has been an issue for those who do not believe in God. Their lives are only backed by the human race. Believing in God and His son Jesus Christ is the genesis of doing right and being morally sound. The meaning of life is a problem solved well by Christianity through answering the question diligently. It is important because many people experience a crisis in attempting to find meaning in life (Wagner).

The solution lies only in the belief in God. This statement grasps the truth of Christianity without doubt and brings understanding of what God wants one to do. Faith does not require some blind leap into the darkness; it is God who has made all people believe with all the consent of their mind. The problems of miracles, evil, philosophy of history, and others have been solved by Christianity. The Bible has logical judgments to offer. They are the judgments that, when accepted by the whole heart, result in a system of thought that is self-consistent and that fits the facts of life (Wagner).

Faith is the foundation of belief in Christianity. Faith is based on the trust in things that are unseen, things that had existed and happened, and that have shaped our life today. The faith that is being discussed here is the one that is based on the Bible. From the son of God, Jesus Christ, the Christian faith erupted. God can never stand and watch his creatures suffer in agony. He enters and shares the suffering with his people. It gives the reason why he endured the anguish of his son suffer for people who had sinned (Cosgrove 10).

God had prepared his son, the second in the trinity, to go through hell. He had also prepared himself to undergo pain of watching his son die. With all this conviction, we are given hope that, even if we suffer and die, there is eternal life that is kept for us at the second revelation of Jesus Christ. This is a strong foundation for our faith in Christianity (Cosgrove 10).

The Bible

The Bible is an indispensable tool in thinking about Christianity, not because it is a holy book and can perform magic, but also because it contains inspiring teachings, which allow Christians to develop a strong worldview, from which we can evaluate and solve other issues that arise in our lives. The Christian worldview, therefore, is personal, and speaks of a life lived in relationship with God, in the wholeness of our being, that is, intellect, emotions and will (Cosgrove 2006). The Bible contributes to a wider range of knowledge in many areas of importance, including human life, marriage, crimes, punishment, human personality, anger, grief, poverty, among other things (Cosgrove 10).

The world cannot be self-sufficient or self-explanatory. No one can argue the universe came from other sources, except that there was a powerful being who brought it to existence. The world was created by a free and generous God, who was also the reference point of all the reality of the universe. God’s world has proved to be a pleasant world. It sharply contradicts those who dismiss the material world as evil or an illusion that hides the reality of the divine (Naugre168).

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ broke the covenant that had been made between God and Jews. The covenant was made by killing of a lamb. The blood of the lamb signified the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God. All this was replaced by the coming suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To have a Christian worldview, one must be planted in the faith that the story of Jesus Christ is true and that he died for our sins (Cosgrove 10).

His death signifies a new beginning in Christian life. Jesus represents the lamb of sacrifice for some people’s sins. It is the conviction from the beginning that God had a plan to save mankind from the bondage of sin through sacrificing his only son for the sake of his people. There can never be any power in the words of the Bible, unless the words are applied in our lives. The readings of Jesus chasing away demons and healing people are evident today. Many people are becoming converted from being murderers, prostitutes, terrorists, and receiving the miracle of conversion. All this happens by only believing that Jesus died for one’s sins. The Bible talks about the power that comes from the truth and the life that is filled by truth (Cosgrove 10).

Islamic Religion

Islam is an Arabic word, which is interpreted to mean submission, confession, obedience, and surrender. Their God is called Allah, and thus Muslims show peaceful submission to Him. The founder of Islam is Muhammad. He was born in 50 C.E in Mecca among the Quarysh people. According to Muhammad, Islam is the complete way of life. Religion is not locked in the mosque, but it extends to the government, families, and their schools. It caters for all fields of life (Zukeran 111).

Islamic Versus Christianity

The way Muslims regard God is totally different from how Christians perceive Him, as seen in the Bible. Islamic God is hidden beyond comprehension. When we refer to the Quran, it states the will of Allah, but never uncovers Allah himself. Allah is never portrayed as the father to his people or the God of love, contrary to how God is revealed in Christianity (Zukeran 111).

In Christianity, Jesus is revealed as a miraculous person and Messiah. He is portrayed as righteous and sinless before the eyes of God and Man. On the other side, Islamic belief does not agree with the Christian belief that Jesus is the savior of the world and the son of God. They deny the death of Jesus, but they claim if it had happened, it would not have been done for the redemption of the humankind. Though people are regarded as weak and susceptible to sin and defilement, Islam denies the teachings of the Bible that, by nature, man is sinful and,therefore, there is no need for a messiah. They teach that people have the capacity to submit to Allah’s laws,which gives them His appreciation. In Muslims’ view, man’s spiritual needs are not to be saved but to be guided (Zukeran 111).

For Muslims, God is one. Islam explicitly attacks the teachings of Christians on the trinity. They say that ascribing partners with God is blasphemy and to commit the sin of shirk. The teaching differs with the Christian notion that Jesus is God. Muhammad totally ignores whatever is written about the divinity of Jesus; example Matthew 2:29, 17:5, John 1:1-5, 8:58; 10:13. They don’t admit the existence of such verses, but instead, claim that Christians have changed the Bible (Ridenour 91).

Another contrast is depicted in the teachings of Quran that every Muslim should take responsibility for his or her own sins by following the five pillars of the Muslin faith. If one does not make it, it is his own fault. The Bible teaches that we all have sinned and have done contrary to the will of God. The only way mankind finds forgiveness is only by gaining faith in Jesus Christ (Ridenour 91).

Both Islam and Christianity are monotheistic faiths that worship the God of Abraham, Adam, and Moses. God is the creator of the universe and the sustainer. Christians hold a significant status in Muslims because of Islam belief that God revealed his will through his prophets, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Quran 3:84 states that they believe in God and what has been sent down to Abraham, Ishmael and Jacob, and their offspring. Also, they believe in what has been revealed to them through Moses and Jesus and the rest of prophets of the Lord (Ridenour 91).

The Bible has much influence on the Quran. The Muslims proudly trace their origin and ancestry to Abraham’s son, Ishmael. They believe in the resurrection of the dead and the Day of Judgment. Similarly to what Christians believe, they believe that life on earth will reach an end, and a new revelation will be shown. God or Allah will finally pass judgment on those who will be found guilty of their deeds. Those who will have done in accordance with what God commands shall receive a reward of eternal life (Ridenour 91).

Superiority of Christianity

Quran has talked much against Christianity. The truths of the Bible have been put down by different scholars who worked during different periods and in different geographical regions. Most of the ideas that the scholars put across are the same. It cannot happen that these people were lying in writing the Bible. As it is written, the cross serves as God’s redemption plan. The crucifixion of Jesus had long ago been prophesied in the Old Testament by the then prophets. The eye witness accounts of the crucifixionarecontained in each of the four gospels. This is to mean the probability of the four gospels to have copied from each other is remarkably low, since they existed at the same time, and events happened as they watched and heard.

Jesus predicted his death so many times that it came to happen as the apostles witnessed. All that was prophesied came to happen (Matthew 16:21). Muslims claim that Jesus was taken to heaven before he died is misleading. God could not have done this because He had prepared this death long ago. Saving Jesus from death and suffering would have been a setback in his mission to reunite human being with Him. I strongly believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The eye witnesses and the soldiers all affirm that Jesus was the son of God. Whatever they saw could not have been inaccurate to a point of being recorded in the Holy Book, the Bible (Ridenour 92).

The history of Muhammad tells us that he married Khadija, who was older than he was, only because he was rich. This shows that he was just an ordinary person whom the Islam thought that he was a prophet. This is to show that he defiled himself with lust and worldly pleasures. Jesus was never married, he lived as a celibate, and that is the reason why he was uplifted above all kings of the earth. His sinless nature and righteousness qualified him to carry the sins of the whole world and become the son of God. Muhammad later died and was buried. Jesus died, resurrected, and ascended to heaven. This shows the accuracy of Christian worldview (Ridenour 92).

A Christian family should adhere to the values of Christian worldview. Christianity advocates for a monogamous family without restrictions on the number of children one should have. Having the family should not be a hindrance to serving God and doing the ministerial work. Exercising acts of faithfulness, caring, and love in the family is a responsibility of those in Christian families. On matters concerning career, teachers, missionaries, and other professionals should be given support in order to serve fully in their ministries. We should do all the work to glorify God. Finally, God’s will for us is not career, marriage, and happiness but, wholeness of self.

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