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Christianity is a religion based on the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Son of God who was the anointed one and came to this world and fulfilled the Old Testament laws and prophesies. He later was crucified on the cross and ascended to Heaven. Islam is a religion that was founded by Muhammad who is viewed as the major prophet of Allah and is his messenger. In this essay we will look at these two religions’ ritual characteristics of divine and eschatology and then examine the description of the similarities and differences between each religion’s concepts of these characteristics.

Christian eschatology

Christian eschatology is the study of man’s destiny as revealed by the Bible; the Bible is the primary source of the Christian eschatology that will be discussed here. The Christian theology on eschatology studies God’s purpose on the destiny of what god created and especially man and also the church. These teachings include about the “last Things”. The Christian faith sees the “last Things” as being important in understanding about their faith. From the book of Romans chapters 19-25, we learn that it concerns itself with the things hoped for but which are yet to be revealed. Eschatology thus concerns itself with the state of the soul after death, the return of Jesus and consequently the end of the world. Then the resurrection of the death, final judgment, and the renewal of creation, Heaven and Hell, and the consummation of God’s purpose in the world are all issues that are concerned with eschatology. Sometimes eschatology often can refer to the interpretations from the book of Revelation and the other prophetic books of the Bible (WordIQ.com. 2010).

Islamic eschatology

In Islam, eschatology here is concerned with the end of the world otherwise known as the Qiyamah and the final judgment that will befell humans. Islam has three main pillars and eschatology is one of them, tawhid and nubuuwa are the others. Islam offers the doctrine of judgment that will be a resurrection of the dead, everlasting punishments and rewards in which the righteous will be rewarded with the pleasures of Jannah while the unrighteous will be punished in Jahannam. The Qur’an does not expound so much on these but ahadith elaborates more on this. Muslims stress that believe is one of the five pillars of faith that will take them to heaven and they also believe that Allah knows who will go to Heaven. For those who will not go to heaven, they believe that they will be punished and stay temporary in hell and later go to heaven as long as they believed Muhammad teachings (Islamic eschatology. 2008).

Christian rituals

There are some Christian rituals that are meant to be followed by all those who profess the faith. Although the different denominations may have slightly different rituals, baptism and Eucharist are the most shared. A variety of rituals are associated with special and specific festivals. Baptism is the rite of initiation to Christianity but it has undergone transformation resulting in diverse practices. Eucharist also known as the last supper is based on Jesus’ last supper with His disciples before His execution. In orthodoxy, other rituals include; confirmation, marriage, penance, anointing the sick and Holy orders (World religions).

Islamic rituals

Some of the important Islamic rituals include; prayers, fasting, pilgrimage, charity, purification and animal sacrifice. For the Muslims, prayers are combine a state of physical actions, sayings and an internal feeling of the heart prayers have a specific time at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset and at night. Muslims also do fast from food, drinks and sex from dawn to sunset. The pilgrimage is a spiritual journey that all financially stable Muslims must perform at least once in their lives to Mecca, the holy city. Charity is also an important aspect in Islam involving giving charity to the poor like that of giving 2.5% of their yearly savings and makes it a habit. Before performing certain rituals, Muslims are meant to be pure by washing hands, face, arms and their feet with water. Lastly the issue encouraged to eat animals and mention the name of God when the animal is being killed-this is the animal sacrifice (Questions about Islam).

Similarities and differences on eschatology

They both hold the believe that the body is resurrected after death of the human body. They also believe that the present world will be destroyed. The Muslims believe that Allah will destroy all the nations except those which hold the Muslim faith, and at the end of Imam’s rule the destruction of the angels will be done and later the earth will “spill its contents”. For Christians, they believe that the earth with its contents will be destroyed but the angels will be spared. They then hold the believe that judgment will be announced with the trumpet of an archangel in the Qur’an 36:51 and Mathew 24:31. All people then will experience death but the bible says that only those who are living in heaven will not. Then there will be rewards that will be offered, Muslims have levels of reward while Christians have degrees of reward. Then those who are not saved will go to Hell where they will burn in torment.

The differences in eschatology believes are; Muslims, in Sura 7:23-29, believe that men are just good except that while some are guided towards right some are left in error but the Christians believe that men are sinful and wicked and only changed by Jesus unto good works, in Romans 9:20. Unlike the in Islam, they believe in temporary hell is not held by Christians. Although both believe that Jesus will, the Muslim believe that He will come to break the cross and kill the swine as eruption of fire in Eden but Christians believe that He will come at the end of the tribulations. For Muslims, the end result will be a great destruction which will destroy all except God then a resurrection will occur while the Christians hold that after the Armageddon, Satan will be bound and then believers will enter Heaven (Rast J. Contender Ministries).

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