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The number of news channels has increased over time and no doubt that it is their content, exclusivity, and presentation to the audience that decides which one has the upper edge over others. The world for the news channels has turned to a Cut- Throat Competition and every channel is putting in consistent efforts to survive in the industry.

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While I watched a half-hour news broadcast on two different channels – Fox News and ABC, I noticed certain effects to be put forward.

The Fox News

The Fox News broadcasted the three major stories as:

  1. US Presidential Election: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney, with airtime of seven minutes.
  2. Al Qaeda, ex Gitmo detainee involved in consulate attack, taking airtime of six minutes.
  3. Shrinking of Arctic Ice to an all-time low, with airtime of four minutes.

The ABC Channel

The ABC channel covered the stories mentioned below:

  1. US Presidential Election – Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney with airtime of approximately 9 minutes.
  2. The possibility of lower gas prices was aired for around 3 minutes.
  3. iPhone 5 pre-sales lift with airtime of 5 minutes.

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The only news that matched in the simultaneous news broadcast was that of the US Presidential Election. The other stories were entirely different and catered to a different class of audience altogether. The similarity noticed was that the maximum time in the 30-minute span was given to the Election of US President and the statements by the leaders. This can be derived as obvious from the fact that this is the most important news from the country and global perspective.

Comparison of the Fox News and the ABC Channel

Nevertheless, the presentation of Fox News was more effective, giving insight to the full election procedure, descriptive details of the candidates, the statements, vision, and focus of the candidates and the public opinion. The coverage of the same news on the ABC channel, despite covering everything, lacked the flow of the news. It appeared that everything that could be arranged by the channel was put into the news instead of just putting across the relevant part.

The audience wants to know what is happening around and news channels are the best source. Since the spectators do not investigate deep into the news and believe what is specified, the channels should focus on the credibility of the report. On the ABC channel, it stated that a statement given by Mitt Romney was told by “a source”. I believe that either the source should be specific or the news should not be published until the source is ready to reveal.

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The stories with an impact are necessarily the ones that are aired on every channel. Though the news of Election of President will attract all the audience groups, the other news aired on both of the channels caters to only specific viewers. The focus of a channel will always be giving information and at the same time making the delivery of the news attractive to the audience. Fox channel and ABC news broadcasted the news of elections with information on other segments like terrorism, Geographical news, Household news and news on Gadgets.

Comparison Essay Summary

All of these are different segments but they will keep the viewers caught onto their chairs, as the element of monotony is not present. The selection of the stories by the channels thus depends upon their importance and a mix which targets all groups of audience. The content of these stories needs to be such that it is relevant and all the important aspects are covered.

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