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Human development is a vital aspect of societal development. Towards this, it is the responsibility of every parent as member of a society not only to the stages in crisis development in children but also know how to help the children pass this vital stage in life smoothly. This will help the children ton adopt desirable character traits which make the responsible citizen of a country.

Crisis analysis is a critical aspect in prevention and management of crisis in human life. Human life is full of challenges and these challenges require solutions. Towards this, it is important to for human being not only to analyze the challenges in life but also to offer solution and prevention strategies. This will go along way in curbing the negative impact of crisis in the society. This paper takes critical and succinct examination of human life crisis by comprehensive looking into the crisis and its justification in response to Erikson crisis theory.

I can remember at one point on time, my younger brother aged six was very vocal. In any family meeting he wanted to be given chance so that he can actively contribute. He became happy when he realized that his opinion is always valued and sought for. This is an identity crisis which he was going through at this stage of life. This stage of development is quite important and a child should be given a chance to not only to express himself but also to feel loved and valued by members of the family. In explaining this stages of life, Erikson, (1994)illustrates that autonomy means self-reliance. This is independence of thought, and a basic confidence to think and act for oneself. Shame and Doubt mean what they say, and obviously inhibit self-expression and developing one’s own ideas, opinions and sense of self. Toilet and potty training is a significant part of this crisis, as in Freud’s psychosexual Anal stage, where parental reactions, encouragement and patience play an important role in shaping the young child’s experience and successful.

Crisis is part of human development and it is the responsibility of the society to be well conversant with these stages to help its people grow and develop adequately. This is because it will be easy to know each crisis development stages in children and adults. It is therefore prudent to apply the Erikson 4 stages of crisis development in ensuring that the child grow and pass these stages of life successfully. This will make sure that an individual does not pick negative behavior for not going through these stages well. These stages include Oral Stage, Anal Stage, Phallic Stage, Latency Stage and Genital stage. In conclusion, it is critical parents and everybody in the community to have a clear understanding of crisis development so as to know how to cope with these challenges in life. The knowledge of Erikson crisis development is a great step in understanding human development and the study of behavior of different individual in different situation and how to help the situation.

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