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The trip started by boarding a bus from the school compound. We transferred to the cultural site at Witte Museum. A three-hour drive to the cultural site was quite significant and enjoyable. We drove through vast plantations of pineapples and a coffee plantation. We arrived at Witte Museum Hotel, which served as the sleeping and resting base for two days. Witte Museum is located in South Texas. The hotel is well-known for accommodating scouts movement started by Lord Baden Powell. A museum, which was named after him, is maintained in the area, and it was worthy our visit. In the afternoon, at the cultural center, we took a walk to one of the sanctuaries known as the one which offered a picnic site for me. In the sanctuary, I saw wild animals like zebra, lions, gazelles and antelopes. While at the cultural site there was a warning, “we should reserve our films since there was still a lot to take, and we should not lose the opportunity due to low memory space of the film”. The other part of the cultural site that we visited was the active cattle ranch that was full of gazelles rooming in the area. In addition, the site was full of children’s recreational facilities that the children were playing at.

We took our picnic at a scenic spot in the center, and later in the afternoon we went back to the Outspan hotel where we took our nap. The following day, we went to the Texas ranch, the other cultural center. This time we played with the local children who taught me how to climb trees and to weave using sisal and long amazon grass. From history, many people who come to Texas cultural center visited the tree hotel, which is well-known for its game viewing.

In the last day of the cultural visit, I was able to see local people in different costumes performing different dances. The local people also presented local foodstuffs, which they showed how to cook. I was able to take home some of the foodstuff that we were given by the local community.

Thanks to the local community for the wonder and exceptional hospitality that they showed us during the visit. The visit was so challenging in that we were only heard at meals during the day and we were only allowed to sleep for only 3 hours, while at the hotel whereby we did a lot of activities like puzzle filling and playing scrabble. All the actions undertaken at the site were intended to increase our human life endurance. I conclude by saying that it was worthy visiting the cultural center since it has made changes to my life skills.

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