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To trace out the differences in languages used by men and women has been a popular topic of study for the scholars. It is amusing to note that the scholars have propounded theories and assumptions all their own but have failed so far to arrive at a generally accepted principles based on concrete evidence or outcomes of various researches conducted on the subject.

Tannen’s essay is the part of the effort enumerated above. She has however, confined herself to the use of language by the two sexes in conversation. She has avoided proving the reasons of the different stages of the development of language. This makes her essay readable with less strain than what Macaulay has to say in his essay, “Sex Differences,” or Coppel who claims to be accurate with scientific exactitude in his assertion that he can ascertain with 80 per cent success whether the writer is a male or a female by the language used by them.

The linguists who accept the differences of language used by men and women attribute them to a number of causes. They say that the differences exist because of the different physical makes of the two, deeper voice of males, innate, haughty and defiant attitude, more posts of power in his hand, the institution of marriage where the male is the dominant partner, and the women to play softer roles of a sister or mother. Tannen does not seem to dwell much upon the basic differences in the physique of the two sexes. Macaulay, on the other hand, is not disposed to accept the difference as such. He takes both of the sexes as simple people and stress should be given to find out the similarities in place of differences between them. But Rafelman is more aggressive and strongly pinpoints the differences. Tannen, however, does not go that far. She accepts the differences but her tone is typically feminine. She only refers to certain analogies, which are reasonably the probable causes of the differences in language used by the two sexes in conversation.

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