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Ecotourism is the responsibility of conserving the environment with the aim of utilizing it for important domestic and tourism use. Natural atmosphere is one of the aims used in ecotourism but I believe that without, the indigenous culture presence, ecotourism would just be boring and baseless. In Australia for instance, ecological system has been kept in a bit of western culture and norms that resist the hindrance from the natives and the any form of destruction of the environment. Indigenous people have a certain admirable culture that the rest of the tourist would want to see them. Therefore indigenous ecotourism is one of the most important factors in the general terms of ecotourism (Zeppel, Heather. 2006). The western notion on the indigenous ecosystem is just destructive and baseless (Zeppel, Heather. 2006).

According to the western paradigm, the indigenous culture is major destroyer of the natural environment. However the indigenous culture promotes the growth of strong ecosystem. The indigenous care for the environment is basically better than the proposal by the western setup. I find the western ecosystem policy do not match ours because of the difference in culture and beliefs. Such influence has brought out negative instinct on in the ecosystem. We expect that the indigenous people are considered when dealing with ecotourism. The indigenous people have been marginalized by the perceived western environment policy which I think is unfair to the indigenous communities in the country. The community then endures hardship in living according the new policy.  

Since the culture and the spiritual believe now forms part of the practices of these people, the ecotourism would then be promoted. Ecotourism is the best way of solving the issues arising from the difference in culture. The outcome of the indigenous care of the environment and the ecosystem, there is possibility that the ecosystem would be even catered for. The economic and social impact by the ecotourism on the indigenous community could basically be positive due to the job creation and commitment to the conservation of environment (Higham, 2007). the quality of the indigenous community and its rich culture would be important in leading in promoting the ecotourism however its originality has been eroded the indigenous community can still make some thing out of it. Basically the, for a good, reason, the indigenous communities are the major beneficiaries in growth of the community.  The unique characteristics in the community would be used to promote tourism in the country. Basically the domestic tourists should be the major strategy in promotion of the ecotourism (Higham, 2007).

Though the benefits of the community in the ecotourism are important, there is also a tendency for the community to be wiped out of their culture by the influential western culture. Too much influx of the tourists would erode the culture due to the damage of the culture, overstepping by the tourist towards the culture of the natives, and the act of piracy over the indigenous community. According to my opinion, the ecotourism should be implemented but the consequences on the communities should also be addressed in a better way; for instance in the implementation of the law involving the anti-piracy in traditions. Thus it is important that this virtue must be considered. Basically ecotourism is one of the greatest features in our economy and especially for the marginalized communities. They have the wealth in their tradition and everyone would want to be associated with the tradition.            

Yolungu Boy

It is interesting to find out the characters in the documentary develop the story in the Yolungu Boy. They started the journey towards saving a friend who was imprisoned for braking laws while alone in the wilderness. On their way, the challenges endured proved to be tougher and dangerous. It was unbelievable on how they made the courage to go through some dangerous places just to save Botj from getting imprisoned. Being great friend Lorrpu, Milika and Botj just made a thriller out of the story (Johnson, 2001).

Botj in search for his life is interesting and where he belonged formed part of his life adventure heading to Darwin. The adventure raised a question on why he did all that. Yeah it looks unrealistic to find out that he was searching for something he wasn’t aware of. His misplaced search definitely landed him in severe problems; he was found on the wrong side of law. Though the rest had divergent minds, it was only Lurrpu who had responsibility over his friends (Johnson 2001). His knowledge on the behaviors of the rest of the friends made him to be superior over them. Though knew where Botj was heading to, It is not clear why Lurrpu left Botj to go alone. It was interesting that Lurrpu came into sense and opted for his friends release (Botj). He was definitely got in the wrong side while he was away but he had nobody to defend him. Surrpu made one of the wisest moves which I consider to be heroic. He planed for the release of his Botj who was under arrest for breaking the law.

Surrpu resolved on saving his friend from Darwin; He choose to mobilize some boys and Dawa; the tribe leader (Johnson 2001). The crew decided to take the courageous move that was aimed at saving his friend Botj. Leaving behind his family and community, the boys made bold move through a tough encounter which finally ended in Darwin destination. Basically such kind of a move cannot be found ordinarily but it was through the wisdom of Surrpu(Hall, Peter and Chris Gibson 2004). The sacrifice by the boys was basically a show of solidarity. As part of the recue process, they reminded each other on the traditions of exploring the bush; basically their friendship was one the most important value in choosing the right route to follow on their way. I believe that the Yolungu Boy was just extraordinary in its setup (Hall, Peter and Chris Gibson 2004).

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