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Few people disagree with the fact that television and mass media has and continues to shape the world cultures.  Politicians and law-makers may be in charge of controlling and overseeing the larger society welfare, but it is the celebrity population that highly affects people live, how they deal with one another and their personal preferences regarding all matters.  In fact, celebrities such as musicians, actors and comedians more often become people’s role models than political figures.  Ellen DeGeneres is not a mere celebrity figure.  She is a role model, a humanitarian and a talented comedian who influences and brings laughter to many people’s lives.

Ellen’s Contributions in the Hollywood Circle

Ellen DeGeneres is best known for her talk show called The Ellen DeGeneres Show during which she interviews various celebrities.  She even scouts out and brings unique individuals with astonishing accomplishments to her show in order to inspire her viewers.  However, many people know little about the life of Ellen DeGeneres before she became the current host of the popular show.  There is no doubt that Ellen always had a comedic side which could not be suppressed; therefore, she caught the public eye when she started doing stand-up comedy stunts in the 1980s.  The young comedian started touring the country and doing stand-up comedy jobs for various restaurants and clubs.  She attracted such valuable attention that she became a frequent guest at celebrity talk shows. 

The guest appearances led to Ellen hosting her first talk show which was named Ellen’s Energy Adventure.  However, the show was not long term and, in fact, worked as a transition to her more acclaimed show called Ellen.  This was a different area for Ellen as it was her first sitcom drama.  It was the first time a female comedian had been given her very own sitcom. If this was not enough, Ellen gained more attention and controversy when she publicized her homosexuality. Even though, many people supported Ellen’s decision and choice, she faced some criticism and the show was eventually cancelled.  However, without the cancellation, Ellen would not have produce the current show and success she enjoys.   

Apart from her own shows, Ellen has been awarded many honors because of her undisputed talents and diligence.  Ellen continues to use her skills and resources to benefit the minorities and support various charitable causes.  She is a spokeswoman for various LBGT alliances, working to spread awareness and becoming an advocate for human rights for all minorities.  In fact, her contributions in the Hollywood circle have given confidence to the homosexual community.  For instance, Ellen became the first homosexual to host the Academy Awards in 2006.  The event focused on Ellen’s talents and proved to the critics that her sexuality did not hinder her ability to entertain.  Because of her astounding performance, she was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Furthermore, some of Ellen DeGeneres’ other affiliations include the Writers Guild of America, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and the Change from Within beauty campaign sponsored by Cover Girl Cosmetics.  Because of her great reputation and influence, the organizations often look towards her support and resources when they oppose government actions.  However, Ellen has proved that she has her own personality and moral code which she cannot cross no matter what the stakes.  This is why she did not support the Writers Guild strike in 2007 which gained her some condemnations.  According to the star, the strike was crossing constitutional and moral limits.  It is because of Ellen’s strong personal ethical code that she inspires young and old, male and female, and people of all ethnicities.

As if being one of the most well-known and celebrated comedians in the country was not enough, Ellen has her plate full with other work that requires absolute talent.  Ellen DeGeneres is currently the spokeswoman and ambassador for many brands including American Express credits cards, Cover Girl Cosmeticks, and J. C. Penney department store.  Moreover, Ellen is highly sought out after by animated productions which want to work with her because of the one thing that made her who she is today: her voice.  In fact, after playing the voice for the famous character of Dory in the film “Finding Nemo,” Ellen DeGeneres gained great popularity.  Because of her well-liked personality, anything that Ellen decides to work hard at becomes an inspiration to others. 

Another factor that separates Ellen from the vast masses of celebrities and makes her more loved by her fans is her openness about her personal life.  Ellen is not afraid to speak out about her family including her mother and her wife, Portia de Rossi.  She even shares her personal photographs of her family and home with fans.  As an advocate for homosexuals, Ellen realizes that her fans and especially those who are going through personal troubles similar to her past need to be close to someone they admire and become inspired by their lives.  For this to happen, they need to have a closer look into their private lives.  Ellen stated in her show that it is because of her fans and loyal viewers that she wants to remain a “reachable” personality and not one that the public cannot relate.

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