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Had I ignored this course, I would most probably remain to be a frightened illiterate in technology. It used to be an easygoing acquaintance with e-mail, bulletin boards, and chat rooms. However, the prominent thing of the course is my new skill to do Internet research, mastery I had no idea of before. This was how my research looked like in the past: long hours in the library revising card files. Now everything is different because Internet search machines work at the speed of electric beams. Should a student or a scholar search for a relevant bibliography, search engine is at Your service to save time and efforts. In the past, You had to read the whole book to see if it actually fits the topic. Now it is totally different. Of Internet services, I prefer Yahoo and Lycos. When working with search engines, it became evident to me that to find adequate information it is best to use more than one search engine. From passing this class, I have gained skills how to write cover letters and resume properly. My spelling is improving because now I check it every other time. The on-line classes are mostly visual, and this kind of work suits me perfectly.

In conclusion, this class for sure will help me to achieve my life goals. To accomplish the life aims one must work hard and in hard work improvement occurs. Thus, improvement results in high paychecks. Of course, I am a bit insecure of my perspectives in the field of study I chose, but I am doing my best to become self-confident. This is the case of this class that helps me to educate more effectively and to gain skills that will serve me good in my occupation. I also feel myself more adequate in job-related goals. For example, now I know that I can post my well-written resume on-line and my future employer would find me. What is amazing to me is that I may succeed to find the job of my dreams without leaving my house.

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