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Habitat for Humanity is a non profit organization committed to providing basic shelter to the poor. The organization is a Christian ministry focused on eradicating poverty through improved shelter for the poor people across the world. Regardless of their religion and the region, the organization provides; simple, decent, and affordable houses to different populations across the world.  The organization majorly depends on volunteers and donors in provision of its services. To enhance its services, Habitat for humanity has offices in the community level which would then act on its behalf. The major five offices are located in United States, South Africa, Canada, Slovakia and Costa Rica.  The organization has built over 400,000 houses worldwide thus providing shelter to over 1.7 million people. The ownership to the Habitat houses depends on the need. Priority for the construction is dependent on the needs of a person and their capability to pay the expenses incurred in the construction of the house. The repayment for the house expenses is usually in terms mortgages. However the priority is given to the neediest person.

In addition to the usual activities carried by Habitat for Humanity, the organization also provides guidance for free on issues involving the construction and the financing of operations to speed up its program of developing houses. Owners who want to own house quicker would get the required aid from the organization at a relatively cheaper lending rate than the banks. Thus more people would be willing to invest in the housing. The house is however not allowed to be sold without informing the organization. The organization would rather buy the house in the same price equal to the original cost.

The analisys of Habitat for Humanity


The organization depends heavy on individuals volunteering to provide the services on construction of affordable housing. The family and the community forms the basis of volunteers most relied upon on though there may be other volunteers from outside the community who join in. the church is also another major target for volunteers; through its congregation, the church plays an important role in promoting the work of the organization. Basically the organization receives an overwhelming support from its well wishers. Recently, it has gained a strong support from celebrities’ volunteers as well as famous politicians making it as one of the most recognized non profit organization.

In order to enhance participation of all groups of people in the society, Habitat organization embarked on various programs. In the US for instance, youth have been actively involved in the activities of the organization. The youth between 18-25 years are liable to be involved in the construction though the younger youth may join other activities. The youth programs include the collegiate challenge, Campus Chapters, Youth United, Global Village trips among other.  The Collegiate challenge program offers students an opportunity to work with the community members in the construction of houses. The duration of the visit is always a week. Since its inception, the program has raised substantive donations from the participating students towards the activities of the organization. The campus chapter program however is involved in a number of activities which includes raising funds for the organization.

The youth also from different communities are mobilized to spearhead the development of housing in their communities. In other instances, student’s visits different areas while in their holidays in as they seek to mobilize funds for the development of new houses.  The students are usually trained first before embarking on their mission abroad. They take on trips away from home to exchange views with the host communities as well as participating in a properly manned construction of houses to the residents. The aim of the trip is usually to reduce the poverty among the communities visited thus the students are ensured to make the necessary in mobilization of the communities. In The United States, the organization has started a national program involving that offer advice to the local communities in the management of the funds and the volunteers to the organization. The aim of the program is to ensure the maximum us of the funds and volunteers thus arriving at the highest efficiency of the program. Basically the volunteer activities are aimed at constructions, mobilization of funds and mobilizing communities.


Habitat for Humanity build houses that are affordable and energy efficient thus allowing a large number of people to own decent houses. Its good services are faced by the financial challenge in facilitating the volunteering team and the building materials. As part of volunteering, most of the affiliate churches offer part of its tithe towards the running of the organization. From the funds it gets from the donor and other well wishers, the organization builds houses and charges the owner the direct cost only. The price however may be adjusted to merge the inflation such a single house would build another of the same design. The initiative is aimed at propagating the services to larger population as much as possible with least cost incurred by the organization. The donations from the corporate organizations are usually in form of assets. The assets are usually sold in the community level in order to fund the supervision of the organizations projects; Therefore allowing maximization of funds from donors.

The habitat for humanity receives donations of old properties such as old cars, vehicles and other properties which might be disposed by the owners. Such donations would be used to offer shelter to poor people especially in poor countries. The funds collected from the funds collected from the sale of the donations have been used to upgrade the lives of more than 1, 055 homes around the globe. Since the initiative of accepting the used cars and others assets started, the organization has gained a positive growth in its funds. The funds from the donations are estimated to be about $3 million yearly. The donors are also free to sponsor the building of a house instead of cashing out donations. Others are accepted for donating their skills for the constructions of the houses. The donations in form of skills or materials ought to be relevant to the activities carried out by the organization. The organization also accepts individual properties such as the stock as part of the donor funds so long as the facilitating procedural. About a real estate, the organization welcomes properties such as land. The land will be important in development of new houses thus the cost of construction would be lower. The already developed land can also be useful in serving the organizational offices. The donations have been useful in running the operations of the organization therefore enabling it to reach out to more needy people.

The initiative has broadened its activities in the United States by taking the task of buying the land them sell it to the needy people at a cheaper price. For a single house to be completed, it takes a number donor to do so. The corporate donors usually plays an important role in enhancing the programs of the organization however the small companies and the individuals takes a more greater responsibility by involving themselves in the donations as well volunteering. The organization has extended the mobilization of funds through the internet and from it’s the print media as it try t increase its donations to fund the extensive popular activities throughout the world.

Importance of websites

An organization’s website is usually the face that an organization presents to the world it therefore should be able to provide the starting point for a user to get acquainted with an organization. As such it should therefore be capable of providing the users with an insight to the organization in terms of the values that are held, the mission that the organization is site to fulfill and the path that is intend to be followed in order to meet the organizations objectives. An effective website should contain the value that the organization holds, the mission statement, the vision that the organization intends to carry out and a general overview of the organizations culture. The modern world is increasingly getting digital and organization have been utilizing the information technology to interact with their stakeholders.

Due to the easier accessibility that advances in it have provided the modern society the easiest way to learn about the organizations today is by visiting their website with the hope of obtaining information that can generally help an individual get acquainted with what an organization is about without necessarily making the physical visit. Therefore organization today out of this necessity should exploit the information technology to communicate their values, vision and mission to the world through their website. To communicate these factors the website should therefore easily tell the visitor the most basic value or qualities that make up an organization. The UN habitat organization was set with the intention of eliminating homelessness and poor housing around the globe by providing the vulnerable populations with decent habitats or more appropriately. This mission is communicated in their website which clearly states the organizations website as “Habitat’s vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live”. This statement that appears in the website front page clearly communicates the mandate that the organization was formed to fulfill.

Website analysis

One of the most important aspect of a good website is that it should have the ability to provide the user with the purpose of the organization one is visiting within a few seconds of visiting the site .The UN’S Habitat home page has this capability. On the first page a user will first notice their mission statement. Then there are four tabs that give the user an option of either learning about the organization. This can be quite helpful to those visitors who are unfamiliar with the organization. There is also a  tab for those who want to get involved  they also provide a tab for the user to learn where the organization have building projects .additionally there is a tab for those who want to donate to the organization and finally a tab that gives the stories and information concerning the. Therefore with the first few seconds of accessing the website the user is faced with a choices that can provide information depending on what the user is looking for. 

Secondly the website is designed in an attractive manner which when accessed wows the user with graphics that provide pictures of some of their project which attract the user to learn more about the organization if they are not familiar with the work that the organization does. It is therefore captivating in the sense tat they have managed to incorporate their main mission in a graphic manner that leaves the users with the need to learn more about Habitat. The website is also designed in a legible manner since there are a few black spaces within the home page and therefore they have managed to avoid overwhelming their visitors by filling every corner of the home page with information .it should be noted though that the homepage is designed in a manner that gives as much information as possible without appearing to be overcrowded. This therefore gives the homepage more clarity and an attractive look at the same time.

The homepage has a navigation system that is clearly labeled which would enable any user to easily navigate into the organizations site. The label are also broken down in such a manner that is capable of let the user navigate to the sites where they can easily access the information that is of use to them. In that if one is a first time visitors without a clue into the organizations activities also one needs to do is click into the link that gives the information on the organizations. To those already familiar with the organizations activities and are looking to donate to the organizations there is a link that take them directly to the process that are available for donors. Those interests in what the organization has been up to can easily find out by visiting the stories and multimedia link and look into the news or stories related to the organization activities. In other word the home page provides the users with a clear path of where to go once they are in the site depending on what they are looking for.

The sites topography is set in a manner that gives the user with clarity since the information on the homepage is not squeezed into the site. There is enough spacing between the available links that enables a user clearly see all that is available on the page without appearing to be crammed with information or links. The site also has its WebPages organized in a way that similar information or related information is clustered in the same link providing the users with easier access to related material .For example the first link “Get Involved” provides a user with information that is useful to the those intending to volunteer or partner with the organization. The second link provides that users with the information about the organization clearly outlining the kind of activities they are involved in it also have a section where the most frequently asked questions are answered  as well as providing the users with information on the employment opportunities in the organization. Additionally this link provides that users with the contact information in case one is interested in getting in touch with the organization can easily do so.

The home page is organized in a harmonious way that gives a clear picture to any user with the links therefore organized in such manner that the page looks organized and comfortable for the users. The use of simple colors that provide the page with calorimetry and therefore are capable of giving a fitting impression for the users is applied on the web design. They are not too distracting to the users and seem to support the content in the website. The page is designed in a manner that is consistent from one corner to the next and from the top to the bottom with a uniform design that is void of any drastic changes. It therefore enables the users to easily navigate through the sites once they are in. Additionally the web page has a site map that provides the user with a clear path to most of the organizations activities which easily enables the user to easily navigate through the site depending on the information that one is looking for.

The fact that related information is clustered in the same links also put more emphasis on consistency .they users are therefore enabled to search for related information in one link saving them the hustle of moving from one link to the next one to obtain related information. The site has also a link to you tube, blogs and other social media sites such as the face book making this website user interactive. This is consistent with the advances that are currently available in the information technology sector therefore it is a website that can be described as one that is keeping up with the current trends in the IT sector. It also provides the users with the human interaction which enables it to be more users friendly. There is also an email link that users can use to send emails to the organization and receive timely answers to their request. Therefore the site can be said to be an effective communication tool between the organization and its stakeholders. Through the site one can also obtain annual reports outlining the progress on the activities that are undertaken annually.

Since the organization provides humanitarian services the fact that there are graphics and video link that provide human stories make it very effective in that it gives the page that human touch that derives individuals into getting involved. The page can therefore be said to be designed in way that easily can attract support or donations from those who visit the website .this easily then makes it effective since the organization funds its activities from donations.

The website  also very compatible with all the available browsers such as Firefox and internet explore and can be speedily accessed therefore its users are not forced to patiently wait for the site to open a factor that is crucial in the information and technology sector whereby speed is paramount and increases efficiency.


This site can however be improved by reducing its literal search engine whereby search can be ineffective because of typo errors, hyphens and variance in the query searches. The moving graphics while captivating have the effect of distracting the users. The site has also too many links to other popular sites they should be reduced since a users can easily be distracted by navigating into the social network and therefore ignoring why they visited the site. The sites should also have different colors for the users to easily differentiate the sites that they have visited.The moving graphics can therefore be replaced by a photo that can communicate the organization’s mission by just glancing at it such as a photo of an informal settlement like Kibera in Kenya as shown below.

Online Advertising methods

The advertisements by the organization are basically picture of the poor people living pathetic conditions. It basically suites the organization since its aim is to cater for the poor households housing.  Its advertising methods however may not be appealing and reaching to all of the targeted groups; donors and the volunteers. More has to be done to enhance the internet based advertisement. For instance, the organization needs to employ more of the online advertisement Such as the use of:


The method has proved to be effective because of its efficiency. Unlike other media adverts, the banner would provide an instant advert to the audience. Usually the organization relies mostly on the youth for the volunteer activities as well as in the mobilization of funds. The most effective place to get the attention of the youth worldwide is on the social network. Also the donor uses the internet in one way or another.  Therefore it would be effective if the organization concentrate in sourcing for more support from the sites.

Video ads

Video ads would effectively convey information to various internet users across the world. Since the body is bound globally such an advertisement would see the company meet more potential donors and volunteers to supports its program. The advantage with the method is emotional feeling on the situation of the poor households being featured in the video. The viewers would definitely make their decisions on the video and eventually on the organization. The advert can also be shared among internet users therefore a person can sent it to several other friends therefore reaching out to a large user base.


Habitat for Humanity is a large organization with branches globally thus it requires a lot of funds to sustain its operations. In order to meet the annual expenses the organization is ought to advertise its prospects to the potential donors and volunteers through effective advertising methods.


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