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From the analysis I have learned a lot of things about my diet. First and foremost I have learned that my diet lacks proportionality. This is evident because grains were the main food choice in my meal. More so, I consumed less than three pieces of fruit. I also consumed less than three cups of milk. However, I always include vegetables in my servings and consumed small amounts of chicken, meat or fish. More so, my food intake was also not consistent with MyPlate recommendations. This therefore indicates that I am falling short of the major food groups (Landau 32). This is evident because I take less than recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, proteins and dairy food . However I consume more than the recommended amount of grains and daily calories.

In addition, I also learned that my diet lacks adequate fat soluble vitamin. This is because I consume less than one cup of deep yellow fruits such as oranges and vegetables such as carrots and spinach. I also consume less than two glasses of milk daily. However, I consume a tablespoon of vegetable oil and eat at least one cup of leafy green vegetable in my salad. I also learned that I need to refine my diet in order to get enough water-soluble vitamins. Since I consume a lot of rice, pasta, cereals, bread and bread products, I obtain adequate amount of vitamin B. However, since I don’t consume a lot of citrus fruits , I obtain less than the required amounts of vitamin C.

To improve my diet, it is important that I set specific goals. Theses goals include first and foremost keeping more detailed food log. This will enable me to monitor the amount of various nutrients I consume. More so, I will be taking frequent trips to the groceries to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for my diet. I will also minimize my visits to the fast food restaurant and start preparing food for myself. I will also cultivate a habit of reading labels whenever I buy food. This will enable me to learn the nutritional content of what I eat and therefore, go for the right food . In addition, I will get into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast. I will ensure that my breakfast contains a combination of proteins, whole grains and fruits. I will achieve these goals by using my food diary to help me spot places where I can make healthier choices on a daily basis.

Apart from diet, physical activities are also an important factor when it comes to healthy living. It is therefore important to incorporate cardiorespiratory, flexibility and strength components in an exercise plan. To keep myself physically fit, I have developed a weekly exercise routine. I usually take a fifteen minute walk every morning. During the weekends, I jog around the park or play basketball with my friends. To further improve my exercise routine, I intend to join a local gym. However jogging is quite risky due to muscle and tendon injuries experienced during the exercise (Kotecki 71).

To achieve incredible physical fitness it is important that I design an exercise plan that works for me (Rosato 11). This plan will involve various activities that will be spread throughout the week. Every morning, I will be jogging around the park for an hour. More so, I will be visiting the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays evenings. In the gym, I will enroll for vigorous activities such as weight lifting. In addition, Iwill be playing basketball during the weekends. Involving myself in these regular exercise routine will enable me to achieve greater physical health. Apart from attaining great shape, this exercise routine will also help in preventing various chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and depression.

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