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Currently, interior architects have been allowed to build and become the links between the interior designers and the architects. This is in the sense that whereas architects are mainly concerned with how buildings and the environment interact, interior architects are concerned with the way buildings with individuals working or living in them. As such, they consider the interior surface and structure, coordinating all the elements within the building to suit the people who are to live in them. These architects take care of all that make up the total space including walls, windows, colour, furnishing and the textures.

Valorisation of the exterior envelope on the other hand refers to the physical boundary between the exterior and interior environments of a building. This function as an outlet shell which assist in maintaining the internal environment as well as facilitate climate control. Currently, one of the main problems in nanoscience and technology is assembling tiny nano-building units into bigger mesoscale. In order to meet all these demands, an interior space for the nanostructures will be further required. The major theme of interior space is to consider human experience as well as the way people operate at work, home, school or in other public places in order to come up with appropriate structures that will meet their demands (The Princeton Review, 2012).

Some of the major architects who can be considered in relation to this theme are Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. they renowned architects and their achievement was evident after they established the Herzog & de Meuron architecture firm. Visually, numerous modern buildings either echo their systems of construction or reminisce past styles and designs (Deplazes, 2012). This separation between construction and demonstration is somehow an additional room of modernity and tradition. The independence of the exterior, the “free facade,” deduces a peculiarity between the nonstructural and structural elements of the construction, between the cladding and the frame (The MIT Press, 2012). When the skin of the building turned into an autonomous structure, it could as well droop like a curtain. The focal point of the link between structure and skin becomes obvious: architectural surface.

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