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Culture shock is among the greatest challenges teenage immigrants face when they migrate to the United States (McCarthy 2). When parents are planning to migrate to America, they picture the land of dreams and many opportunities. However, what they fail to understand is that they need to prepare themselves and their children for what they are going to face in America. To begin with, the cultures these teens are exposed to are different from the American culture. In this case, teenage immigrants face culture shock when they first migrate to America. This is where they find their fellow teenagers behaving differently from what they are used to. Secondly, they find the clothes teenagers wearing in America different from what they are accustomed to. This often makes them feel out of place or become conspicuous in the society. Finally, since American culture is foreign to them, they cannot easily get accustomed to new laws and regulations (Suarez, Carola and Michael 155). Across the globe, all countries have different laws and regulations, and they base their roots from their cultures. Therefore, this culture shock makes it difficult for them to grow in the society.

Social seclusion is also one of the challenges immigrants face when they migrate to the United States (Mermin 11). When parents decide to migrate to America with their teenage children to become permanent residents, they forget that these children are going to have difficulties in making new friends. In most cases, these teenagers feel that they do not belong in this society. To begin with, they fail to understand the new language. In this case, they find it difficult to communicate with the other students, because they do not know how to speak English (Mermin 11). For this reason, they keep to themselves. Secondly, these teenagers face discrimination from teachers and students at school. Moreover, when they are at home, other families in the society, who are not immigrants, tend to discriminate them. In this situation, they are left alone to defend themselves, since there are not many immigrants in the school or in the society. Finally, these teenagers face culture shock. This is where they do not wear the same clothes or have the same behaviors. For these facts, they tend to seclude themselves from the rest of people in the society. As a result, they face social seclusion that is a great challenge to them.

Teen immigrants are always facing constant fear as a challenge. Most of them in America are illegal immigrants (Staff 2009). When their parents were migrating to America, they were young children who did not understand what was happening. Firstly, they always face the fear of being deported back to their homeland country, yet they only know America as their home country. In this case, they fear to ask for assistance, since they feel that they are going to be caught and deported. Secondly, they do not have access to government facilities and other public facilities. For instance, when these teens become sick, they do not go to hospitals for treatment. Instead, their parents take them to pharmacies where they receive poor treatment (Phuntsog 19). In this situation, it is clear that the fear of being deported has made them lack access to sufficient resources that they need for their health. Additionally, teenage immigrants lack proper schooling due to the fear of being caught when they attend proper schools. Parents are always in constant fear of being deported. Therefore, they feel that they should take their teenagers to those schools they feel will not raise any alarm. Often, these schools do not have resources. Therefore, fear has been a great impediment to teen immigrants.

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